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UserGems partners with LeanData to simplify turning job changes into revenue

LeanData and UserGems collaborate to help B2B businesses drive revenue growth with relationship-based orchestration

UserGems, a pipeline generation software company, and LeanData, a revenue orchestration platform, introduced a new integration that provides companies with all of the information needed to turn buyers’ job changes and relationships into revenue.

Each year, 20-40% of professionals change jobs, creating new sales opportunities for revenue teams, as previous customers are three times more likely to buy again. But companies miss 85% of these opportunities. UserGems surfaces these job changes as new leads and helps companies automate follow-ups using their existing tools, resulting in always-on campaigns that generate high-converting pipeline.

Through UserGems’ integration with LeanData, companies can orchestrate personalized plays around their most valued buyers’ job changes to accelerate pipeline and increase revenue. This helps revenue teams spend less time on research and more time driving meaningful engagements.

“When high-value prospects and customers in your Salesforce change jobs, the UserGems-LeanData integration automatically identifies job changes and routes new records to the right person, with all of the information needed to leverage your pre-existing relationship,” said Joss Poulton, VP of Operations at UserGems.

“Our mutual customers can also fully automate sequence enrollment, using segmentation data from someone’s past and new jobs, helping revenue teams identify untapped qualified pipeline and spend less time researching.”

UserGems is the only job-change provider that’s directly integrated with LeanData.

This week, UserGems will join LeanData alongside its other partners at the seventh-annual OpsStars conference, where UserGems co-founder and CEO, Christian Kletzl, will take the stage with LeanData CEO, Evan Liang, to reveal the latest trends in Revenue Operations in the keynote address. The event will take place September 21-22 at The San Francisco Mint in San Francisco, Calif.

About UserGems

UserGems is a pipeline generation software company that turns buyers’ job changes and relationship intelligence into revenue. Companies like Gong, Lattice, UserTesting, and Mimecast use UserGems to automate repeat purchases and identify buying committees along with relationship insights, in order to reach their revenue goals, quickly and efficiently.

UserGems is a private company headquartered in San Francisco with a team distributed around the world.

For more information about UserGems, visit or follow UserGems on LinkedIn.

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