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Toronto air filtration company Camfil Canada Creates Resource on Mould in Commercial Buildings & Air Filters

In this blog post Canadian air filtration experts from Camfil Toronto present information on mould growth in commercial buildings, explore the health impacts of mould spore inhalation, and offer ways to safely and effectively rid areas of mould.

Health Canada considers indoor mould growth to be a significant health hazard. Mould refers to fungus that grows in multicellular filaments, and there are well over 200 mould species in Canada1. What is more, approximately 30% of new or remodeled buildings have indoor air quality (IAQ) issues that can be attributable to mould growth2. As mould can grow in a matter of days and often causes a variety of health issues in building occupants, it is necessary that property and facility managers learn about warning signs to look out for, as well as ways to remove mould and improve IAQ after cleanup.

Five Things You Should Know About Mould Growth Indoors

There are a number of common and lesser known aspects of mould growth. Here are some of the facts, as per the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)3:

  1. Mould can be found in virtually every area of commercial buildings; For instance, there are moulds that can grow on wood, paper, furniture, and foods
  2. Common places to check for mould are behind walls or above ceiling tiles
  3. A small problem can quickly become bigger over time – mould can grow in only 24-48 hours
  4. The best way to control indoor mould growth is to pinpoint the source of moisture and subsequently eliminate it
  5. Reduce indoor humidity…

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