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Tips to Determine Whether or Not That Canadian Pharmacy is Authentic

Tips to Determine Whether or Not That Canadian Pharmacy is Authentic

“Canadian Pharmacist”

Obtaining medicine online from a Canadian pharmacy may appear to be convenient and cheap, but you could be putting your health at risk. While there are legitimate online pharmacies in Canada, there are also some that may be operating illegally.

With pharmacy spending eating up a large chunk of the average American’s income, it’s imperative to examine the pharmacies credentials first and affiliations at the earliest opportunity.

Yes, online pharmacies can be a tremendous way to save money on US prescriptions, but there are important things you need to know about cross border ordering. 

Please continue reading for tips n how to determine if an international pharmacy in Canada is legitimate.

Check to see if the pharmacy is certified in Canada  

Make sure it is licensed by a Canadian provincial or territorial pharmacy regulatory body. You can easily verify that an online pharmacy has legal status by checking their credentials. 

Online pharmacies that are licensed and registered will normally show that they have been certified by Pharmacy Checker or other verification programs. 

Another positive sign to look out for is whether they provide the secure checkout capabilities offered by genuine, safe, “brick-and-mortar” businesses.

Make sure the Canadian pharmacy requires a prescription  

You could find many rogue online pharmacies offering potentially dangerous prescription drugs to U.S. consumers without a prescription.

A legitimate pharmacy will require a valid prescription from a physician or other health practitioner licensed to practice in in the U.S.A.

To fulfill an order, pharmacies will always need to see a prescription because some medications can have many side effects.

Ascertain whether or not the medicine is distributed from a licensed pharmacy  

Online pharmacies that are small should disclose the location of their storefront. This will allow you to know if your online pharmacy is connected with a physical store that Canadians go to for prescriptions.

A business may have multiple prescription distributors if it is larger. The most trustworthy sources are those that make it clear where their medication comes from.

Be wary of low-priced drug offers  

It’s not unusual to feel that Canadian pharmacy prices seem too good to be true, especially if you are used to paying hundreds of dollars each month for prescriptions.

You may be tempted by discounts of up to 80% on certain medications. However, it is possible to end up getting fake medicines which can be dangerous for many reasons. Perhaps they have been falsified or deliberately mislabeled.

An authentic pharmacy will usually have a Canadian-licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions

You may feel confident buying from them if they follow the above tips.

Read online reviews  

You will find many positive reviews about better Canadian online pharmacies. These are from US consumers just like you who wish to save money. You will feel more confident placing an order if you see other customers in the United States who have had positive experiences with Canadian online pharmacies.

You can also ask someone you know who has used a Canadian service in the past how they did it.

Final considerations  

You could be putting your health at risk if you purchase medicines from an online pharmacy that is fraudulent.

  • You may find that your medical condition remains the same, or it may get worse.

  • It is possible to have a bad reaction to the medication.

  • It is possible for your banking and personal information to be stolen.

  • It is possible to end up with a drug with harmful or wrong ingredients or even no medicinal ingredients.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest to find a Canadian pharmacy online that is legitimate.

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