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The Profit Alchemist shares strategies to supercharge businesses in a newly launched book

The book entitled The Profit Alchemy, aims to help more individuals and companies turn their fortunes around and maximize their true potential.

The Profit Alchemist, a coaching company that provides financial advisory services across the globe, launched its book, The Profit Alchemy, on Amazon last 11th of October 2021. The book talks about nine different strategies to supercharge the growth of businesses, whatever industry they belong to.

The Profit Alchemy is a business development toolkit that The Profit Alchemist founder and director Ben Rendle developed. It is a compilation of Rendle’s learnings from his accounting career when he helped turn his clients’ fortunes around. The book, which Rendle himself wrote, is designed for consultants, coaches, and industry experts who have the power to change their lives but are often undervalued. It is also for individuals who want more for their business but have no idea where to begin and those who want to push the boundaries of their possibility and take control of their future to create lasting benefits.

The Profit Alchemist, on the other hand, provides various services–among them are financial advisory, pricing strategy, training, finance consulting, business consulting, and accounting services. It uses a proprietary system and program to help consultants, coaches, and industry experts scale their growth in practice and become at least a six-figure company. It is founded and managed by Ben Rendle, who built his career turning around the fortunes of struggling businesses and made it its mission to help individuals live the life they dream of by improving their businesses.

“Anyone has the power to positively turn things around. I have helped numerous businesses grow through my accounting career and The Profit Alchemist,” shared Rendle. “But I feel that there is something more that I can do to help more everyday people live their dream lives. So I wrote the book, The Profit Alchemy, to put together my passion and financial skills and help more everyday business owners reach their full potentials.”

Just like his financial advisory company, The Profit Alchemist, the mission of Rendle’s book, The Profit Alchemy, is to help more people find their financial freedom. And to do this, Rendle shares the three most important things in running a business—clarity, design, and scale. These three make up the structure of a business. And knowing the best strategies to go around these three will surely equip an individual with all the necessary tools that he/she needs to build and manage his/her business well. The book helps establish businesses, open new ideas, and show how to compete and win in new and more effective ways. The Profit Alchemy also teaches its readers how to differentiate their business from competitors and get prospects that need what their businesses offer. It also shows how to structure the business and scale it to a six-seven-, or even an eight-figure-company.

The Profit Alchemy is readily available for purchase through Amazon.

About The Profit Alchemist

The Profit Alchemist provides financial advisory, pricing strategy, training, finance consulting, business consulting, and accounting. It uses a proprietary system and program to help consultants, coaches, and industry experts to scale their growth in practice and profit.

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