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Teddy Celdran the director of Thimoj withdraws from the project, link with a past that resurfaces

Teddy also known as “PucKix” decided to announce his departure in a hurry.

A very surprising announcement considering the power of Thimoj on the NFT market. Indeed, the French company had become the one that sold the most abroad from the French territory.

The creation of several metaverses and the acquisition of several sponsors had made Teddy the most influent “ETH whale” on the French land.

So why such a sudden departure?

The London Journal published a few weeks ago a full report on PucKix of Thimoj’s success stories.

Teddy had been missing for almost 10 years.

He had no identity, no bank records, no driver’s license, no medical records and even less address. He was not even on the tax and voter lists.

It was revealed by the British secret services that he had been an influential member of the French secret services in alliance with the United States in the years 2015-2016-2017 and 2018.

He would have decided to withdraw without the agreement of his leaders and therefore to go on the run following a mission declared “confidential”.

The classified files do not give us more information about Teddy Celdran, he would have simply been recruited at the end of his schooling and would have had a role in services close to cartographic analysis and in the field since he appears on departures in risky areas in 2016.

He would have made a first very brief reappearance of the aftermath of the creation of the cryptocurrency “Shiba Inu” and then disappeared again.

It was in 2021 that he finally resurfaced following a hospitalization. He was immediately propelled and his identity emerged.

This freshly discovered information has certainly had a significant impact on his decision to leave Thimoj which is in full expansion.

Here are the interviews written by London and New-York who have or conducted interviews with the concerned:

Teddy nevertheless managed to build an ETH empire in a few months and then disappear again.

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