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Stop Underselling Your Company and Reach Its True Value Potential

Certified Value Growth Advisors at Corporate Value Metrics Use Cutting Edge Value Creation Software to Help Companies Increase Value Before the Sale

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2022 / Business owners who are looking to sell their companies often turn to an investment banker to get the sale started. However, once a company enlists the help of an investment banker, they are on the “fast track” to a sale and will most likely end up losing money by underselling if they even sell at all. By some estimates, as many as 80 percent of all companies today would not be sellable if their owners were ready to retire, and another 10 percent would only sell at rock-bottom prices.

This is why the Forbes Business Council recommends that the process of selling a company does not begin with an investment banker. Instead, the process should start several years before any investment banking process with the hire of a Certified Value Growth Advisor (“CVGA”) who can optimize the true value of a business before it hits the market.

The professionals at Corporate Value Metrics have perfected a system that combines cutting-edge analytical software with the personal touch of an expert adviser to create the maximum value in private companies. Using their flagship software, Value Opportunity Profile (VOP), the experts from Corporate Value Metrics help private businesses double or triple their value over a three-to-five-year period through a balanced combination of qualitative and financial improvements.

“Most company leaders don’t realize that business value can be manufactured just like a tangible product or a service. Value can be developed and delivered,” says Ken Sanginario, the founder of Corporate Value Metrics. “It’s a process that must be designed and engineered. All the components must be aligned, quality checks and continuous improvements are developed, and the output is the creation of value.”

With the help of the VOP, a Certified Value Growth Advisor from Corporate Value Metrics guides business owners through the value creation process to optimize company value. It starts with a qualitative group interview of the management team to assess the company’s current state. Then, the VOP engine takes over, engaging a system of proprietary algorithms to identify company weaknesses that are constraining growth, hindering profitability, and eroding value. This creates a value creation roadmap to guide the company toward business improvements by uncovering the true value “drivers” within the company.

Overall, this process provides a baseline value of the company. It also provides a powerful “What-If?” functionality which allows business owners to see the company-wide impact for any potential improvements before implementation. Through the user-friendly dashboards, business owners can track and measure progress as their company transforms. This unique and proprietary software-based diagnostic and value creation process has been proven over ten years and is now used on a global basis.

The opportunities for value creation do not stop there. Corporate Value Metrics also offers a five-day workshop to teach business owners, executives, and advisors about how to successfully facilitate this whole process within their companies.

Even if a business owner has no intention of selling their company, the Forbes Business Council suggests that companies should still strive to expand their business value by investing in a value creation process. Reaching maximum value means a business has achieved peak performance, which is an important goal not just for company leaders but also for the employees who work for them. Achieving maximum value also creates viable options to grow and expand.


Ken Sanginario started Corporate Value Metrics in 2010 with the mission to help private business owners create value within their companies. Sanginario has 35+ years of experience providing executive leadership and strategic advisory services to private middle market companies, developing and executing business improvement initiatives, turning around distressed operations, managing M&A transactions, valuing companies, and securing equity and debt growth capital.

He is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences and private business owner functions, and has authored numerous articles on business value growth, corporate valuations, mergers & acquisitions, and turnaround management.

Sanginario holds the following accreditations: CVGA (Certified Value Growth Advisor); CM&AA (Certified M&A Advisor); CTP (Certified Turnaround Professional); ABV (Accredited in Business Valuation); and double master’s degrees.


Company: Corporate Value Metrics
Contact: Ken Sanginario
Phone: (508) 870-5805
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Corporate Value Metrics

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