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Step into the world of Jordan Jacobs, where medicine meets art and science meets retail

June 10, 2021 – Jordan Jacobs, or as her loyal followers and clients like to call her, the Genuine Injector, is a New York-based Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. She is changing the way high-quality, non-surgical Aesthetic services are done by running her brand with an intimate mindset and ultimate expertise. Clients love her not only for her masterful lip sculpting skills, PDO threading abilities, and smoothing serums, but also for her natural knack for turning clients into their maximum best selves.

Jordan’s continual need for growth is admirable, as she is certified in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Canada. While she lives in New York, Jordan is a jet setter in her own right, as the bulk of her business is concierge, traveling worldwide for private appointments and celebrities’ sessions. This allows Jordan to build relationships across the globe, training under the most sought-after Aesthetic specialists such as Dr. David Funt, Dr. Raj Aquilla, Dr. Shino Aguilera, and NP Leslie Fletcher while expanding her skill set regularly.

It is evident that not everyone is “cut out” for this job, but with Jordan’s artistic eye and textbook knowledge, she is the next big thing in facial aesthetics. Jordan said it best, “When your self-love increases, your altruistic capabilities increase.” She is proof that hard work, hustle, and passion pay off.

For Inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Jordan Jacobs, RN, CANS
Aesthetic Expert

Phone: (212) 517-1855
[email protected]

Instagram: @GenuineInjector

Facebook: @GenuineInjector

Twitter: @GenuineInjector

Tumblr: @GenuineInjector

YouTube: Jordan Jacobs

Yelp: Jordan Jacobs

Media Contact
Company Name: Jordan Jacobs, RN, CANS
Contact Person: Owner/CEO Aesthetic Expert
Email: Send Email
Phone: (212)517-1855
Country: United States

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