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SkillGaming Forms Strategic Alliance with Age of Tanks

All Variation of Earth will be on Fire when SkillGaming and Age of Tanks Collide

What do we get when Kek the Clown and Tanks collide in a P2E Metaverse? You simply get a Crazy New Awesome Superior Kaboom Partnership Assembled into ONE. is pleased to announce another new partnership and this time with Age of Tanks, the world’s first self-assembly 3D turn-based strategy card game, set in an immersive metaverse, where gamers build and command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer the Planet Earth Zero!

Age of Tanks (Token: A.O.T, Price: $0.33), combines the best of two worlds — a fun and exciting CCG and PVE experience, coupled with competitive PVP social gameplay modes and challenges. These are achieved through a decentralized ecosystem of game assets as NTFs powered by blockchain technology.

In line with SkillGamings’ direction in our search for Affiliates, Influencers, Indie Game Developers and Partners in the Gaming, Crypto, Defi, NFT and Metaverse Space, it only makes sense for us to also reach out our hands to Defination Studio, the team behind Age of Tanks.

Defination is a GameFi studio based in Singapore with a team of 15 strong members from Singapore and China. They are passionate about providing the ultimate gaming experience while merging traditional gaming values with new and exciting possibilities available through decentralized blockchain technology. Everything about them screams “We love GAMING and we dare to DREAM!” and that resonates well with the SkillGaming team as we share a similar vision and the team here are very passionate in gaming and never stop chasing our dreams. Like in the Matrix, we both take the Red Pill and choose to go down the rabbit hole.

DefiNation Team

Both the SkillGaming and DefiNation team are definitely looking for a long term partnership. For a start, the plan will be for us to create one or more Branded Telegram Based games for their communities to play for free, so it can be use to run various competitions or just for fun. It has thus far created a lot of hype for almost all of our SkillGaming Partners communities.

SkillGaming is a leading designer of mini-games for communities around the world. We partner with global brands such as Shiba, Wallstreetbets, JEDSTAR, Zaddy Inu, Cake Monster and many more. Next we hope we can synergize with Neo, also known as the One, the Ceo of Defination and his team to bring the Age of Tanks community gaming vision to life! — Karen Yap, head of business development at SkillGaming.

The mid-term plan will be for us to host the upcoming web version game of Age of Tanks on somewhere around 2022. Soon 30,000 plus of SkillGaming gamers (and growing daily) can soon enjoy hardcore P2E and P2P Tank games too besides the 100 over games offered on our gaming website. SkillGaming games are developed by our own in-house studio and 3rd part Indie developers participating in our developers program.

The games in SkillGaming can be played for free where one can collect only XP points or they can also Play-to-Earn in Challenge, Duel or War Mode. Challenge mode is similar to PVE where a gamer plays against the PC and earns when they win against our AI, while Duel is our PVP mode that allows gamers to fight against the other player and earn when they beat them within a certain period of time agreed by both parties. The War mode on the other hand is our mini tournament that runs for 24 hours. It allows a person to participate in an existing war or to initiate one themselves. All the warriors in the war need to do is to purchase the Ammo for $1 and it gives you 10 ammos which is equivalent to 10 tries. You will be able to play the game and submit the score 10 times and after 24 hours, our platform will announce the winner and 80% of the prize pot will go to the top scorer of that game.

While the Games in Age of Tanks are designed to attract both worlds, the blockchain-powered decentralized ecosystem where gamers’ actions determine the development of the game, as well as the pure gaming and competitive aspect of finding the best strategy, best team, and climbing the leaderboards to win the game or even tournaments. Below are some ideas of how the game Age of Tanks game flows.

Or you can also watch a sneak peek of what Age of Tanks has in store to all our gamers and communities:

Partnership Plans

The next big thing and again aligned with SkillGaming motto to keep empowering the gaming communities, we joint effort and support the upcoming DefiNation Game Studios accelerator project under their Talent Program, which we will discuss in more details in the near future and will also do a separate AMA on this topic probably in 2022 when the time comes.

One of the key problem the team and I noticed together with our partner SkillGaming is how many game developers, crypto enthusiasts or entrepreneurs who have big dreams and ideas but are not able to kickstart easily due to lack of info, knowledge, the unfamiliarity of the gaming, blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, gamefi or even defi and we want to be the one who take them through the journey weaving through the rabbit hole — Jackson Neo, CEO of DefiNation.

The beauty of this partnership is, both SkillGaming and DefiNation team are not only gamers, they also have the technology expertise and experience in both gaming and blockchain world and we seek to help empower technology startups and innovators through creativity, innovation on blockchain, gaming technology adoption, and develops a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem. The solution in this situation will be to create educational content for those who are “scared” of this “new world” and to walk the dreamers through the process via an incubator program and bring them to the next level with all the knowledge and the tools needed to jumpstart and brave this scary new world they call Metaverse.

Karen also added, she foresee that once those who participate in the incubators completed their gaming project, whether creating a solo game or they build the entire gaming platform with many games, what these project owners or entrepreneur can do next is to submit their games to SkillGaming for free via API and earn revshare when player plays their game in Play-to-Earn Mode. Through the SkillGaming Developer Program, it will be one way for them to earn from their gaming project or simply an additional ways to monetize it. It is a win-win situation for everyone at every level.

In conclusion, like how DefiNation team likes to say it, come take the Red Pill and find out how far the rabbit hole goes with us. Just save this space and there will be more updates about this collaboration in the near future. In the meantime, you can also choose to take the Blue Pill and live in current reality and simply chill out at or!

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