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Sjogren’s Tracker Now Available in Google Play Store and Aims to Raise Awareness for Autoimmune Diseases

July 19, 2021 – New York, NY – As the pandemic lingers on and those with long Covid live with persistent symptoms, there has been an increased interest in studies of the immune system.  One startup called Sjogren’s Tracker is hoping that those studies will help raise awareness for autoimmune diseases, which affect up to 24 million people in the United States.

Approximately 3-5% of the overall population have an autoimmune condition, symptoms of which include fatigue, flu-like symptoms, brain fog, and systemic pain, similar to patients of long Covid.  As there are no cures for autoimmune conditions, physicians generally advise patients to keep paper journals to track their symptoms, medications, and potential environmental triggers.  Sjogren’s Tracker offers a digital app that simplifies the process by which users can manage their conditions and allows for customizations to address each user’s unique set of needs.

In addition to helping users better manage their conditions, Sjogren’s Tracker is also hoping to raise awareness for under-diagnosed conditions such as Sjogren’s Disease, which affects an estimated 4 million people in the United States.  First published in the App Store in December of last year, Sjogren’s Tracker has now released its Android version in the Google Play Store in order to reach more users that can benefit from the app.  The startup also has plans to launch a companion app called Chronic Genie by the end of this summer, to target a larger community of individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, including long Covid patients.

Sjogren’s Tracker was created by an Asian American founder, Ingrid He, who was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Disease at the age of 28.  Through her personal struggles to obtain a diagnosis and manage her condition, Ingrid became determined to create a solution for others afflicted with similar conditions.  “We are also hoping that new studies of long Covid will lead to findings helpful to the autoimmune community and raise awareness for these chronic autoimmune conditions that already affect the lives of millions,” said Ingrid.

For more information on Sjogren’s Tracker, please visit or email

Sjogren’s Tracker LLC

Sjogren’s Tracker is dedicated to helping those with chronic illnesses manage their symptoms and gain control of their lives.  Its mission is to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of users and facilitate communications with physicians.

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Company Name: Sjogren’s Tracker LLC
Contact Person: Ingrid He
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City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States

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