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Sharing the Wealth Launches Unorthodox Forex Educational Platform Empowering People to Gain Mastery over Their Lives in the Simplest Way

Being results driven, transparent, and minimal risk as a Forex educational platform, Individuals can tap into STW to elevate their financial standings

Houston, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – May 13, 2022) – Sharing The Wealth, a forex educational platform, is paving a new way for the under-served and beginners to achieve their objectives. The foundational base of the services lies in imparting the expertise about tools and resources that can help members attain financial independence. 

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Kimberly L. Johnson, the founder, embodies the philosophy of “self-development and independence being the key to growth and prosperity.” These factors probe individuals to take well-informed actions to attain desired results. STW’s mission stems from the need to assist the under-served community sharpen their financial and mental toolboxes.

In addition, Kimberly has been able to help families take full ownership of their cash and leverage it within the foreign exchange market to help create passive income. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

STW’s platform is the perfect fit for beginners as it does not require any prior knowledge of the markets. Ms. Johnson walks all her students through the course on becoming profitable. Upon graduation, students are able to execute in the market consistently with confidence.

The enterprise stands to leverage technology & innovation by teaching the FREE LIFE 3C system. The formula is collecting cash + cash flow + compounding. It is the assimilation of these aspects that help with wealth accumulation. In doing so, Forex is one essential tool used for serving the community.

The courseware is beginner-friendly, which means the modules are easy to grasp and can be implemented immediately post-graduation. The average student executes trades in the markets within two weeks or less. Since October 2021, 97% of Ms. Johnson’s students have successfully maintained consistency. Furthermore, the curriculum and training material stands to not only help beginner traders, but struggling traders enhance their precision.

The innovative educational platform is a revelation in the industry. First, the team uses an unorthodox approach and breaks the traditional pre-conceived myths and ideologies. They overturn the investing fears of the under-served and under-privileged by keeping things simple and easy, which is challenging enough to find.

If we were to boil down the absolute core of their offerings in one word, that would be personalization. The program simplifies and adjusts the courseware for every individual, considering each person is unique and has different trading styles, success plans, and objectives.

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Kimberly Johnson – CEO

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Kimberly L Johnson, says that, “Each individual has a unique fortitude; this uniqueness forges collaboration and embraces a sense of a value to a system and network made of talented, beautiful people.” Hence, helping others tap into their individuality is paramount in nurturing and stimulating psychological growth. Since the situations and objectives differ for individuals, Kimberly seeks to provide individual-oriented training toward self-development and independence.

Leveraging the forex market

Forex is a combination of foreign currency and exchange. Today, the foreign exchange market is a trillion-dollar industry. The sector is alternatively known as Forex or 4X.

At Sharing The Wealth, Kimberly helps simplify trading. The education enables community members learn the A to Z with a seasoned and experienced trader. The program curriculum takes away all the noise, fluff, and unhealthy habits to render consistent results, similar to a profitable trading career.

Their unique and easy strategy has proven to rake in profits at any time and by anyone, be it a beginner or advanced trader.

Learnings from the program

First, the course was designed for the busy body. The modules are short, sweet, and to the point to accommodate all paced lifestyles. The curriculum teaches three simple steps; analyze, identify, and execute. Second, users get to examine eight and thorough examples. These iterations work as simulations for them to learn how to trade as a professional.

Trading is an individualized skillset. When a member is trading, it is them vs. the market; in knowing this, becoming successful requires a higher awareness of self. Members are constantly encouraged to identify, isolate, and understand personal emotions, patterns, and behaviours that may inhibit their ability to become a well-rounded trader.

Requirements for Users

The program has a hands-on approach to help the student become in tuned with the strategy’s practicality. STW stands on being result driven, thus, the main requirement is to remain coachable, dedicated to each session, and prepared to exchange energy willingly. In doing so, one may grasp the finer nuances and valuable insights of the gained trading education. The program also asserts that trainees follow the exact strategy as suggested for consistent returns. One must be willing to commit two hours per day for a minimum of 14 days, to studying the content, have access to a computer or mobile device, and a stable internet connection.

About Sharing the Wealth

Sharing The Wealth was launched by Kimberly L Johnson, a single mother of five. She belonged to an under-served community trying to survive through the daily grind which inspired the company motto, If there’s a will, there’s a way. Her initiative has served as an impetus for the entire community, which is currently financially thriving with the 3 C’s wealth formula. Unlike the over-all industry’s marketing approach, STW uses simple, real-life analogies and easy-to-digest materials to create an authentic, family-oriented, forex education experience.

Contact Details:

Name: Kimberly Johnson
Title: CEO
Email: [email protected]

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