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Serene Living Co Enables People Experiencing Chronic Pain to Receive Easier At-Home Care

Their cervical traction devices provide effective pain relief in the comfort of people’s homes.

Serene Living Co helps people who experience neck pain, shoulder pain, long-term dizziness, migraines, neck tension, fatigue, poor posture, upper back stiffness or insomnia relieve tension and feel pain-free again.

“Your wellbeing is important to us, so we offer effective pain relief at home. Our health devices, backed by science, support your journey to better health. You can even save thousands on your health care needs,” shared a representative from Serene Living Co.

Serene Living Co’s cervical traction devices — VertexTrax, SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device and Knee Care Pro Orthopaedics Device — promote faster healing, increased blood circulation and improved joint mobility.

The SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is the company’s top-selling device. It is an all-in-one lumbar treatment system for lower back pain relief. Utilizing EMS technology, the SpinalTrax works to stimulate proper blood flow to the lower back and spine. In doing so, the device’s traction lifts to support stronger re-alignment with the natural spinal column shape.

VertexTrax is a cervical traction device that uses groundbreaking patented technology called fixed point traction and intelligent air pressure traction, which assists in restoring the 26-degree optimal vertebral arch. It relaxes neck muscles; helps treat degenerated, bulging and herniated cervical discs; and fights soreness, long-term dizziness and migraines.

The Knee Care Pro Orthopaedics Device has an ergonomic design that allows the system to, by extension, treat shoulder pain, elbow pain. It comes fully equipped with an easy-to-use control panel and offers some of the most sophisticated knee pain relief therapy. There are no complicated buttons, icons or metrics, so anyone can use them.

The first step to pain-free living is improving the cervical spine, and Serene Living Co’s cervical traction devices are considered as an alternative at home support treatment for neck pain and more. They can be used as part of ongoing physical therapy treatment or for personal use at home.

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About Serene Living Co

Serene Living Co is an Australian-based company that provides cervical traction devices to people experiencing neck pain, shoulder pain and related conditions.

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