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SEC EDGAR Form 13F Filing – Cost-effective Easy-to-use Self-Service Web Portal for Investment Managers and Financial Advisors

Easily and cost-effectively convert securities holdings data from your raw Excel spreadsheets to the XML Information Table required by the SEC for a Form 13F EDGAR filing

Jan. 26, 2023 / PRZen / PITTSFORD, N.Y. — Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. has released a new easy-to-use web portal for Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisors who need to file quarterly SEC Form 13F reports to disclose qualifying securities under their management. The SEC requires that these holdings be reported in a precisely defined computer-readable XML file, called the XML Information Table. This portal enables financial managers to easily accomplish this task without having to redo their spreadsheets, and does not require any knowledge of XML or other technical details. It takes information from their raw spreadsheets as they are, and automatically does all the processing required to produce a validation-guaranteed XML file ready for submission to the SEC. This includes:

  1. scrubbing the user’s raw data against the SEC 13F securities list;
  2. aggregating the user’s securities across multiple accounts and other criteria;
  3. filtering securities to identify those that qualify for reporting; and
  4. organizing everything into the layout and format required by the SEC.

Users may preview their filing at no charge any number of times, and pay only when ready to download the XML file for submission to the SEC. Most filings cost under $125, making this portal one of the most cost-effective solutions available for 13F filings.

Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. also provides a full-service option. As an experienced SEC Filing Agent with EDGAR credentials since 1993, the company can take a client’s information in whatever form it is available, and take care of the entire 13F filing, including the cover sheet and submission. Full-service pricing starts at under $250 for a complete filing.

Users can freely access the Self-Service portal at, and full-service option details are at The company responds immediately to client queries via email and phone (8am to 9pm EST).

Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc.

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