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San Francisco crypto enthusiasts met Crypto Summer with Salsa Valley

An unusual crypto meetup by Salsa Valley took place in San Francisco.

Predictors, followers of Vanga, just soothsayers – we haven’t figured out who they are yet. But here’s the thing – these guys have already predicted in their cartoons a lot of things, for example about Elon Musk and Twitter. Not a bad start, right?

And now they’re touring cities in the U.S. like the real rock stars as part of their “Meet Crypto Summer with Salsa Valley” tour.

The first meetup was in SF. It was cool and supported by their partner LGCY Network and the large local crypto communities such as: SF Blockchain Developers, Web3 Bay Area, Bay Area Crypto.

They had chosen a great place. The event was held at Atlas cafe, a favorite venue of San Francisco crypto enthusiasts, where Solana has held large-scale events twice. There was a very good latin atmosphere, the Dj and “Mi Comedor” Mexican catering.

There were blockchain and Web3 developers, crypto bloggers, crypto enthusiasts and investors, NFT-artists and collectors, and quite a few interesting people at the meeting.

Salsa Valley decided to show its power of predictors again;) and to say that we are not waiting for CryptoWinter, but for CryptoSummer. And guess what? They seem to be right again! Because even in such a bear market, their $SALSA token increased by 40% after the meetup!

We don’t know how they do it, but it sounds like they’re worth a closer look and come to their next meeting on such a tour. There’s definitely something interesting going on there!

What is Salsa Valley

Salsa Valley is a unique place in Mexico, like the Silicon valley, but in parallel the meme crypto Metaverse based on the animated series «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme-cartoon about cryptoworld).

It is MORE THAN A GAME! It’s an entire ecosystem with its own native $SALSA Token and NFT real estate in their Metaverse which unites together crypto enthusiasts, NFT-collectors and artists, blockchain, Metaverse and Web3 developers, lovers of hot.

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