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Renowned Author Kurt Friedrich Gassner Teaches Self-healing In The Art of Forgiveness Series

Austrian self-improvement author and serial entrepreneur, Kurt Friedrich Gassner, announces the release of Book 2 of the ART of Forgiveness Series, where he shares tips on self-healing and overcoming trauma

Kurt Friedrich Gassner has established himself as a go-to self-development expert known for sharing his expertise with millions of people across the globe through his impactful writings. In a related development, the Austrian author and “Master of the Unconscious Mind,” has released the second part of his Art of Forgiveness Series. Titled “The Art Of Forgiveness: A Practical Guide for Self-Healing and Overcoming Past Traumas,” the book aims to help readers to uncover the significance of forgiveness particularly in the process of self-healing.

One of the major burdens that hold millions of people back from achieving their goals in life is getting past their previous horrible experiences and the trauma that comes from being hurt by a loved one. Over the years, several forgiveness and self-help guides have been created to help persons in this situation. However, their abstractness has ensured they achieve very little success, which is where Kurt aims to make a difference with the ART of Forgiveness Series.

The second part of the series is a detailed 15-chapter motivational book that highlights the connection between forgiveness and healing, the relationship between the perpetrator, the victim and the helper, and how readers can liberate from vicious circle of negativity. It also teaches readers how to forgive people, regardless of the situation, with the author approaching forgiveness as a skill that will be improved upon over time.

The ART of Forgiveness Series is one of the several works from Kurt Friedrich Gassner, as the prolific self-help writer, award-winning creative director, meditation teacher, and licensed hypnotherapist amongst others aims to help as many people as possible worldwide to find peace. Kurt has authored a best-selling children’s book in German-speaking countries and has over 20 books underway. He also recently announced plans to publish up to 30 books in English on Amazon as he looks to reach out to a wider audience and provide them with the necessary resources to unlock their infinite potentials.

The ART of Forgiveness Series can be found in different versions on Amazon.

For further information about Kurt Friedrich Gassner and his works through his lifestyle company, My Mind Guide, visit – and YouTube.

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