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Ramona Pintea Launches the New Urban Queen Collection #wearyourcrown♥ A Global Campaign Empowering People Through Art

Crowns, queens and superpowers: how an art movement is empowering the world.

Jul. 8, 2021 / PRZen / LONDON & NEW YORK — International renowned artist Ramona Pintea is launching a new collection in her Urban Queen series entitled #wearyourcrown♥. She is empowering people around the world through her colorful, bold, uplifting and symbolic art. The #wearyourcrown♥ campaign is a fierce statement about empowerment which has gained traction with art lovers, collectors and followers around the world.  The essence of the Urban Queen global movement is to connect, support and empower people to recognize their unique inner strengths.

Women’s empowerment has been a recurring theme in Ramona.Pintea’s art for many years but has become especially relevant as Covid-19 ravages our society.

Ramona  Pintea states, “Women have shown enormous strength and resilience. As caregivers, leaders, frontline workers, I have seen women face the world with courage every day, overcoming challenges and working hard for themselves and those around them. I paint women who are fierce, determined, caring, vulnerable, intelligent, and powerful. My work illustrates all the inner strength a woman has, clad in her gentle and compassionate emotions. But  I don’t just paint strong female Queens, I want to empower everyone who sees my paintings, men and women, to believe and find their strength within themselves.”

The #wearyourcrown♥ campaign invites people to submit their photo and story to Ramona Pintea through her website or social media accounts. Every submission will be considered and the artist will select several Urban Queen muses. The Urban Queen movement has created a safe place for women and men to tell their stories. Ramona Pintea says, “Now, more than ever, I feel a deep responsibility to give everyone, especially women, a voice to empower others with stories full of hope and courage.”

Do you recognise yourself as a Queen? To submit yourself or an inspiring woman you know for the #wearyourcrown♥ campaign visit Each muse selected will be sent a print of the painting their story inspired as a special thank you for being part of the Urban Queen #wearyourcrown♥ empowering campaign.

Ramona Pintea
[email protected]
Instagram: @ramonapintea_art

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