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Plus Delta’s Tabetha Sheaver Reveals How To Create A Branding Strategy To Attractt Potential Employees

Jul. 5, 2022 / PRZen / ST. LOUIS — Tabetha Sheaver, president of the highly respected Midwest business consultancy Plus Delta and a professional EOS implementer, says during this period of the “Great Resignation” business owners need to develop a branding and messaging strategy geared explicitly towards attracting new and best-fit employees.

Sheaver said much like a marketing campaign, a business owner or HR executive needs to determine their ideal target audience. “This should be clear from your values and vision. Using a people analyzer from a source like the EOS Toolbox Free Business Management Tools for Entrepreneurs – EOS Tools (, you can assess the right people for the right seats, and think about who you want more of in the organization.”

According to Sheaver, once you get clear on who you wish to hire, it’s time to start thinking about developing a personal profile for potential recruits. “Think about where these people hang out in person and on social media, what they read, and what do they do for fun on the weekend.  Really assess what is important to them. Then craft your messaging so you’re speaking their language not typical corporate speak.”

“As an example, you can tailor your messaging based on demographics like age, engaged or newly married, first time home buyer, need for job flexibility, and/or importance of the company’s goal to make a difference in the world,” Sheaver adds.

The recruiting campaign should begin by outlining 8-10 touch points a company may have with the target audience, then executing on them.  “Repeat your message often on multiple platforms. Schedule a few posts on LinkedIn, an email to an association, or a call to a school that may have recent graduates. Don’t forget to provide a call to action if they show interest or know someone they would recommend. Analyze what vehicles work best.”

Sheaver added too many companies place job ads that are all about them rather than what’s important to the candidate. “The point here is to speak ‘to them’ not ‘at them’. Showcase your company’s strengths but do so in alignment with the values and goals of potential employees. Talk in language that not only hits home with them and but also reaches them continually.”

“Keep in mind recruiting is a lot like dating. You don’t get married on day one.”

About Plus Delta
Plus Delta is led by Tabetha Sheaver, an award-winning consultant and highly skilled professional in change management. Sheaver is a Fractional COO, Certified Project Management Professional (PMI), Certified Change Management Professional and Certified Mediator. For additional information visit

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