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One of the most inspirational memoirs to read in 2022, ‘Brian’s Journey: A Mother’s Healing After the Death of Her Son’ by Janet Dubrasky

Author Janet Dubrasky continues to touch the hearts of readers with her inspirational memoir, Brian’s Journey: A Mother’s Healing After the Death of Her Son. Both harrowing and emotional, this true story captures the essence of a beautiful soul and stands as a testament to the eternal nature of love.

Brian’s Journey chronicles the life of Dubrasky’s firstborn son from his years as an outgoing toddler to an adventurous young adult. She paints a compelling portrait of an Epicurean-minded man with a love of food, travel, language, and the arts. But amid the many facets of this talented mind lurked an insidious illness that overwhelmed Brian and led to his sudden suicide. Yet even death was not enough to separate Dubrasky from her son, and she soon began to see his light shining from the most unlikely of places to heal her.

With raw honesty, Brian’s Journey transports the reader into the memories of another soul for a transcendental experience. This powerful connection invites the audience to understand both Brian’s struggle and the pain that resulted from his suicide. Reviewers describe this poignant memoir as “an excellent book” that can benefit “anyone who has lost a loved one.”

Dubrasky hopes that her work will uplift others who are grieving, especially those affected by the nearly 1 million suicides that occur each year. Instead of viewing death as a finality, Brian’s Journey shows that the human spirit is simply an energy that changes form without ever truly fading away. Our loved ones remain close, able to hear and sense the physical world even after their transformation in the unknowable next stage that awaits us all.

Brian’s Journey: A Mother’s Healing After the Death of Her Son is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Janet Dubrasky is a first-time author who was moved to write about the suicide of her beloved son, Brian. Her memoir, Brian’s Journey, is a tribute to his extraordinary life and generous soul. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband Jim and their adopted Chiweenie, Buttercup. Visit her online at

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