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Northscope ERP Software Reinvents Purchasing Functionality for Food Manufacturers

REDMOND, Wash. – December 6, 2021 – (

Just before the new year, NorthScope Food ERP software released its new purchasing functionality. This reinvention seamlessly integrates purchase orders, invoices, credit memos and inventory receipts, providing NorthScope’s food manufacturing users a reliable, holistic AP process.

With the goal of giving its users a full-featured set of purchasing capabilities complete with real-time analysis tools, NorthScope included the following in its release:

  • A completely redesigned and restructured purchase order transaction with added properties to track information such as payment terms, ship via, buyer, site, and more.
  • The addition of inventory items to purchase orders to reduce manual data entry and aid in real-time accuracy.
  • New purchase order lookup functionality on AP invoices and credit memos as well as inventory receipts, allowing the details of the linked PO to automatically be pulled into the transaction.
  • Support for inventory items on AP invoices and credit memos with the added capability to link purchase order lines to individual line items for increased accuracy in invoiced/ordered calculations.
  • Two new inquiries providing data for users to analyze all linked transactions based on purchase order.
  • And more.

Discussing NorthScope’s new purchasing release, Development Manager, Jacob Swanson said, “At NLP we understand how important purchasing is to running a successful business. More importantly, we understand the need to see real-time inventory receipts and invoicing of purchase orders, which is exactly what we have added into NorthScope’s Purchasing functional area. With these new tools, bells, and whistles, you can now confidently enter purchase orders, receive those purchase orders into inventory, if you so choose, and invoice them all with ease.”

In addition to the features described above, this release also included upgrades of several pages into NorthScope’s newest framework while simultaneously revamping these pages for improved performance and alignment with the new purchasing functionalities.

About NorthScope: NorthScope is ERP software for food manufacturers created by the Northlake Partners (NLP) to specifically support seafood processors, food manufacturers, food distributors and agricultural processors. Since 2008, NLP has been providing ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.

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Northscope ERP Software Reinvents Purchasing Functionality for Food Manufacturers

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