Vardot Unveils New Varbase Digital Experience Platform For Improved User Experience

Published March 16, 2023

Santa Clara, California

Vardot, one of the largest Drupal-based digital solutions providers, is releasing a new iteration of its leading Enhanced Drupal Distribution platform, Varbase, its best-in-class digital experience builder, enabling users to launch, improve and manage sophisticated digital presences.Varbase is the most popular Drupal 9 and Drupal 10 distribution in the world, with the most recorded installations to date.

Following the W3C Accessibility Guidelines, Varbase not only utilizes Drupal capabilities but also adds hundreds of improvements and features. These include enterprise-level security, top-notch search engine optimization, improved editorial tools, multilingual options, layout building capabilities, and API-ready features for seamless integrations with modern technologies such as AI, and machine-learning models.

Designed to reduce time to market, Varbase’s powerful suite of features enables enterprises to launch digital presences and applications in record time, potentially saving hundreds of hours in development time. Varbase provides users with numerous enterprise-ready features that are not available when using similar open-source platforms. These features cover the entire digital experience, from content publishing to content moderation, search engine optimization, and security, providing a one-stop, open-source solution for clients seeking to launch or improve their digital presence.

Evidently from its popularity, responsiveness to updates, and modern trends. The impact of Varbase on the web development industry is expected to be significant, as it simplifies the previously complex processes of creating digital experiences.

According to Mohammed Razem, Co-founder and CEO of Vardot, Varbase’s upcoming version comes with many improvements, such as content collaboration, which empowers teams. It also includes API-first and headless capabilities, which will put Varbase in the heart of an omnichannel, personalization platform.

“We are continuously updating Varbase to meet the needs of our enterprise clients,” Mohammed says. “Since the very first version, Varbase has always operated on the concept of DRY, or Don’t Repeat Yourself, relieving users from repeating the selection and configuration of various modules, features, and themes that are included in every Drupal project. At Vardot, we believe in democratizing the creation of digital experiences through open-source technology, which is our way of continuously giving back to the community and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. We constantly have a host of user-friendly improvements in the pipeline to help our clients create exceptional digital experiences while meeting even the most exacting and complex technical requirements.”

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