Tremendous Parfum Officially Launches With Three Dynamic Fragrances And A Sparkling New Development In The Works

Published March 29, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2023 / The latest spritz on the fragrance scene is Tremendous Parfum who, having just launched in September of 2022, deliver sparkling allure in their product line that carry a whiff of excellence. The brand is the newest addition to the world of fragrance with a mission to bring sterling quality perfumes with an accessible price point for scent-sational storytelling. Tremendous Parfum provides unisex scents made with top-tier ingredients that are an exploratory alternative to the fully established fragrance market today. New and noteworthy, the brand has succeeded in creating smart, sophisticated, and rich scents able to fit all perfume lovers in their own unique way. With three powerful fragrances released since their official launch, Tremendous Parfum is currently writing the next chapter of their story, which will focus on a compelling new design for on-the-go opulence.

Born in the USA, Tremendous Parfum brings a Parisian standard of luxury to the rest of the world. The company officially launched in September of 2022, and since their founding, they have created innovative products that are catered to the bustling lifestyles of modern society, ensuring we can all carry a kiss of elegance no matter where the day takes us. With eyes set on new horizons, Tremendous Parfum has made themselves known as industry leaders in spaces like The Perfume Spot, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

As a fresh face on the scent scene, Tremendous Parfum relies on the standing power of sampling and word-of-mouth loyalties, and in a world increasingly sculpted by digital prowess, the personal touch that sampling brings into the fold is unmatched against cyber space. The bottles, which are built with crystal glass, carry the essence of elegance and warmth that rivals the twinkling of stars. Currently offering three unisex fragrances that include notes of amber floral, woody, and spicy, Tremendous creates scent profiles that leave a lasting impression. Parfum De Flore, for instance, channels a garden glow with notes of litchi and mandarin orange that offer a refreshing smell. Parfum De Oud, on the other hand, is a timeless and woody fragrance that leads with notes of Bulgarian rose, raspberry, and saffron to create a passionate and graceful vibe ideal for both day and night. Finally, Parfum d'epice is a scent made to ignite a fire in the room. With notes of blood orange and black pepper, it creates an irresistible and one of a kind smell shrouded in mystery. Each Tremendous Parfum is created to be distinct in nature and teleport you to a serene and aromatic world.

Tremendous Parfum is currently developing a new technology for the emerging demand of on-the-go fragrance. This dynamic tool can be described as a solid perfume built for easy, concealed transportation, with seamless application built for any setting. This product is set to release this upcoming holiday season, and with their ever-evolving development and dedicated approach towards the perfume industry, Tremendous is on a trajectory to becoming the next big thing in fragrance. Their fresh outlook on the power of scent has been changing the way people tell their own personal stories through the perfume they wear ever since the Tremendous launch in 2022…simply smell the difference for yourself.

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Tremendous Parfum is a fragrance brand that creates distinct and sophisticated scents to teleport you into compelling ecosystems. Introduced in September of 2022, Tremendous prides itself on providing unique fragrances available in multiple markets that are catalysts to tell the personal stories of the people who wear them.


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