Garage Door Company Services Mesa Residences

Published October 5, 2023

A Better Garage Door Company, Inc, based in Arizona, is pleased to share that their service coverage includes properties in Mesa and its surrounding areas. The company says Mesa homeowners may expect a prompt response when calling for help with repairs or even replacements for their garage doors and accessories. See more here: Garage Door Company Mesa.

Those who are curious about the company’s scope of service will be pleased to learn that A Better Garage Door Company is capable of handling virtually any situation that involves a garage door. This includes the door itself as well as its supporting mechanisms and accessories, such as the garage door opener. Given that garage doors can be rendered useless without a functional opener, the company says homeowners should not hesitate to get in touch if this device malfunctions. A technician will always be dispatched to remedy the situation.

“Your garage door concerns are our concerns,” states A Better Garage Door Company. “Regardless of the cause of the issue, big or small, a garage door that does not operate as it should is often a massive inconvenience at best. At the other end of the scale, it can be a huge security vulnerability or even a danger to you and your family. Leave aside the guesswork and call us if you suspect anything is wrong. We’ll take care of everything for you and get your door working again.”

The company backs up these assertions by offering home visits for jobs as small as routine tune-ups. While minor in nature, such maintenance is crucial in order to keep a garage door functional for the entirety of its expected lifespan. A Better Garage Door Company gives every job priority as a result, and only emergencies are considered worth dropping every other task for.

This is due to the fact that garage doors have several mechanisms that make them a potential danger to anyone in the vicinity. This is one major reason the company urges the community against continuing to use a garage door when a fault is suspected — and to stay physically away from the door at all costs until a technician arrives to take over.

For one, despite the fact that garage doors can often be manipulated at will, this is achieved with the help of gears and springs that are capable of transferring enormous pressures. A garage door, particularly one that is expected to double as a secure portal, can weigh a great deal (at least 100 pounds). Should the adjoining mechanism break at the wrong time, it can crash down and cause significant damage to anything (or anyone) unlucky enough to be in the way.

The same is true if the garage door has torsion springs, which most do. A torsion spring winds up when a garage door closes, storing massive amounts of energy in its coils. If the housing or the spring itself ruptures, such as during an attempted DIY repair, the damage it inflicts can be catastrophic. Technicians are trained to avoid this.

Homeowners are welcome to take a look at the company’s reviews if they are curious about A Better Garage Door Company’s capability or even commitment to customer service. As Maureen P. says, “Awesome service! We have used A Better Garage Door Company since 2005 (ish) when they were referred to us by my parents, who have done business with them since the 90s. A Better Garage Door Company installed our garage door in '05 and it still works perfectly, almost 20 years later.”

The review adds, “We've had the normal maintenance of broken springs, motor dying, etc. On the few occasions that we've had one of these issues, their response time has always been crazy fast! Nick freed our car from being stuck behind a broken garage door overnight and saved the day! These hard working guys are fast, fair and honest, and we will continue to recommend them to anyone that needs garage door help!”

A Better Garage Door Company has been proudly serving communities across the region since 1995. Homeowners are invited to contact the company today for garage door maintenance, repairs, replacements and more. The company serves several areas in addition to Mesa, AZ. See more here: Garage Door Repair Phoenix.


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