Fleet Management Consultants Company Offers Construction Equipment Dispatch Software

Published May 9, 2023

Fleet Cost & Care, a fleet management company based in Detroit, MI, wants to point out that they provide construction equipment dispatch software such as NexGen and Atom. These have been noted to be some of the most flexible fleet management solutions for businesses that need to manage a fleet of vehicles, such as the construction industry. This software can also be useful for companies that rent out heavy equipment in making their operation run more efficiently. Meanwhile, Atom is a mobile app that offers a comprehensive fleet management solution.

Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “In NexGen, you can quote and schedule jobs, add or remove equipment, view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, and perform all of the back office administrative tasks required by your business. Integrate NexGen with your accounting system for a complete, comprehensive tool that eliminates the need for any other system. Save time, improve data accuracy, ensure safety and increase revenue by simplifying the way the work is performed with NexGen.”

NexGen is fleet management software for companies of any size who are interested in streamlining the creation of quotes, maintenance, scheduling, accounting, and more. It is important to note that data flows through the system through a step-driven process in every department. With this software, salespeople would be able to quickly create quotes for both existing customers and new prospects. The software allows the user to get customer information automatically or enter new prospect information quickly.

NexGen also allows the user to schedule the equipment and also employees. It also allows the user to view the schedules of the resources and customize the way the information is displayed. This helps to simplify the process of job scheduling. With this software, the user can enhance accuracy and minimize errors when scheduling jobs. Once a particular job has been won, the user can just convert the quote into a job and then schedule the appropriate personnel and equipment. NexGen will automatically check the availability of personnel and equipment, including the required tools and certifications.

With NexGen, it is also possible to ensure safety by monitoring and maintaining all certifications. It is possible to monitor the various certifications based on job sites, customers, employees, and in other more granular levels. The system can be set up such that it will produce reports of when certain certifications will be expiring. It can also provide a warning when a job is scheduled and the necessary certifications are not available.

NexGen also allows the user to monitor repairs and preventive maintenance and the system can also generate automatic notifications of past due and upcoming schedules of service. The software allows for accurate records of purchase orders, signed orders, contracts, parts that have been shipped and received, payroll, and terms and conditions.

The software also allows the business to boost revenue by evaluating equipment usage and calculate the return on investment (ROI) and allow for better decision making. It allows for the creation of sophisticated reports that indicate how open equipment is being rented and the corresponding ROI. Lastly, NexGen can integrate seamlessly with most systems for accounting and GPS.

Launched in 1993, Fleet Cost & Care was established by the owners of the JJ Curran Crane Company when they ventured into fleet software technology. Jeff Curran’s aim in launching this company was to develop a centralized software that can help increase revenue and reduce costs for fleet owners. The company released its first fleet management system in 1996 that offers various features including invoicing, scheduling, and preventative maintenance. Further development resulted in the addition of more functions, such as a reporting capability. In 2007, the second generation of the fleet management software was released and this was called NexGen. Later on, the company created a mobile app, which is called Atom.


Those who would like to know more about the equipment dispatch software available from the fleet management consultants company can visit the Fleet Cost & Care website or contact them through the phone or via email.


For more information about Fleet Cost & Care, contact the company here:

Fleet Cost & Care
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