Commercial Fleet Consulting Available For US Businesses

Published May 30, 2023

Detroit, MI based Fleet Cost & Care is offering clients its full range of fleet management resources. The firm specializes in helping clients who operate a large number of vehicles both minimize costs and maximize output, and their years of experience make them an excellent partner for businesses of all sizes. See more here: Commercial Fleet Consulting.

Fleet management consists of largely data-driven challenges, according to the company, and great leadership must be combined with accurate reporting to ensure maximum efficiency across the board. A business that lacks one or both of these aspects will often find its fleet struggling to survive, let alone profit, so it is vital that appropriate solutions be implemented as soon as possible.

The firm has a long history of offering this to clients across a broad range of industries. Wherever a fleet of vehicles is required, the firm’s expertise and software solutions can have a massive impact on an organization’s effectiveness, limiting unnecessary expenditures and making the most of every advantage. The ultimate result of this is evident in revenue that sees a stronger upward trend over time, making it a simple task for any client to determine how much of an impact the firm’s attention has had.

Fuel expenditure is one area of fleet management that needs to be overseen at all times. Businesses whose models rely on making deliveries across a large area, for instance, need to be able to locate areas where fuel usage appears to be excessive (and then determine an effective solution that does not compromise a unit’s productivity. Fleet Cost & Care has a wealth of experience in uncovering obscure problems as well as developing appropriate solutions, and they offer this expertise to clients all across the US.

Other aspects a fleet could see improvement in include vehicle maintenance, scheduling, routes and even driver behavior. Fleet Cost & Care is adept at coordinating vast fleets as well as performing ongoing analysis at multiple stages to ensure operation continues at maximum efficiency. The firm has also introduced a commercial fleet management software platform that allows businesses to keep a close eye on their fleets from anywhere in the world (provided they have an internet-capable device).

Known as NextGen, this platform is specifically designed to help heavy equipment rental companies operate more efficiently. It can be used to implement a number of tasks, from quoting and scheduling jobs to performing virtually all back office administrative tasks. Fleet Cost & Care adds that it can be integrated with a business’ existing accounting system, thereby behaving as a comprehensive solution all by itself.

NextGen’s functionality also serves to eliminate human error at several points. For instance, given that the system is centralized and can be accessed from anywhere, employees can create quotes for jobs that are based on the most updated, accurate data, and this data is automatically shared with NextGen. There is no need to duplicate the data manually, and the system’s administrators can observe all operations virtually in real-time. This data may consist of customer, job site and equipment details as well as personnel information and safety certifications, each of which can be costly to get wrong. NextGen minimizes this risk.

Whether a client turns to Fleet Cost & Care for their consulting or software solutions, they can rest assured that they are in some of the best hands the industry has to offer. The firm has long become accustomed to working with clients involved in both common and niche industries, and their solutions can be adapted to whatever requirement a situation may present. With the firm’s assistance, a business can save time, improve data accuracy, ensure safety and increase revenue.

Those interested in learning more are welcome to contact the firm’s representatives today to get started. Fleet Cost & Care is also ready to provide a customized demo to businesses that wish to gain an idea of how their operations could improve with the firm’s involvement.

Further details regarding the firm’s services and products can be found on its official website. Clients may similarly get in touch with a Fleet Cost & Care representative via phone or email.


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