Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness Offers New Products in Their CBD Shop in Mesa

Published August 17, 2023

Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness is happy to announce new offerings in their CBD shop in Mesa, AZ. They offer premium cannabidiol (CBD) products as well as non-CBD wellness products for both people and pets. Their range of products include CBD pet products, non-CBD pet treats, artisan CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD softgels, CBD bath bomb products, and wellness teas. All of these products provide higher dosage options compared to those offered by many other providers.

It is important to note that study results, although some studies are still ongoing, indicate that CBD oil may help in alleviating the symptoms of neurological disorders, anxiety, heart health problems, and certain kinds of pain, among other health conditions.

They want to point out that they offer high-end CBD products that underwent extensive filtration and purification to ensure their purity and potency. They offer full spectrum and THC free broad spectrum CBD tinctures. These tinctures provide an easy and convenient way to include CBD into a person’s daily routine. Each drop has been made from hemp organically grown in the US and retains the many cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This assures they provide consistent and potent results. Both of their THC Free Broad Spectrum Oils and Full Spectrum Oils contain the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from the entire hemp plant, which offer the added benefits resulting from the entourage effect.

Celestial Stem also offers THC Free Broad Spectrum Topicals. These salves and creams offer a convenient way for people to achieve fast-acting support for both muscles and joints. This is because unlike oils that the body will need to metabolize first, these topical products immediately work once they have been absorbed through the skin. Meanwhile, essential oils have been added to these salves and creams to make the body smell great after using them.

They also offer CBD Softgels and Capsules, which provide an easy and convenient way to ingest CBD products aside from the tinctures. Available are Night Time Softgels and Vegan Friendly Full Spectrum Capsules.

Celestial Stem also offers THC Free Broad Spectrum Bath Bombs that are provided with subtle scents of mint, lavender, and other essential oils. This is a convenient way of using CBD for its various benefits because the skin provides a very efficient delivery system. These bath bombs also offer the benefit of not leaving any residues after the bath.

Also available from Celestial Stem are 2:1 ratio specialty products like gummies and tinctures featuring a combination of CBD and CBN for sleep or CBG for focus and mood elevation. They also offer wellness and herbal teas, which have all been produced from premium grade organic ingredients.

Meanwhile, all of their CBD Pet Products have been formulated from human grade ingredients while avoiding anything artificial. They employ phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, which allows them to be potent and effective, providing a wide range of benefits. They also offer higher dosages for large and medium size pets. Available for pets are the Celestial Stem CBD Pet Tinctures, CBD Almond Butter, CBD Dog Treats, and Pet Supplements.

Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness was established by Jason Axtolis as a result of his frustration as a consumer of CBD products for himself and his pets. He came across various kinds of CBD products that were unsatisfactory in terms of results, prices, and dosages. They set out to offer products with the best quality at affordable prices. They are focused on constantly improving their products to make them as potent as possible while also being affordable. They perform a lot of beta testing for all of their products and if they fail to provide stellar results, they will not consider offering them. They have also extensively expanded their range of CBD products to include functional pet treats, bath and body products, non-CBD health gummies, essential oils, and herb extracts and crystals.

Those who are looking for CBD oil for dogs Phoenix residents can trust and other related products can check out the Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness website or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness, contact the company here:

Celestial Stem | CBD & Wellness
Jason Axtolis
(480) 687-6387
1728 S Greenfield Rd #111, Mesa, AZ 85206

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