Alpha Therapeutics Shares Their Top Rated Products, Including Extra Strength 3000mg CBD

Published July 27, 2023

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ – CBD pain management company Alpha Therapeutics is excited to share their top rated CBD products. The Arizona based company specializes in alternative wellness products focused on the benefits of cannabidiol. CBD has been making waves in pain therapy for the last decade, and Alpha Therapeutics prides itself in providing the high quality, expertly extracted cannabidiol therapies. Alpha Therapeutics owner Geoff Dada talks about his personal journey into CBD wellness and why he was inspired to start his company.

“Both my business partner, Dr. Southwell and I have spent our lives in athletics, which has torn our bodies apart,” admits Dada. “I began creating my own CBD products to help relieve my pain, Dr. Southwell also jumped on the CBD bandwagon with me. Now, we’ve formed a partnership where we produce the best CBD products available, helping people heal their pain without prescription painkillers. The evidence shows that cannabidiol is a powerful, from the earth pain reliever that can work better and faster for many people suffering with chronic pain. We hope that Alpha Therapeutics can continue to be a forerunner in all things CBD, as we are committed to helping people get off their meds and start living better, pain free lives.”

The first top rated products in an Extra Strength 3000mg CBD Tincture. Formulated by doctors for pain management, this is a plant-based anti-inflammatory that is designed to calm pain and nerve receptors throughout the body. At 3000mg, it is made with both CBD and CBG (the mother of all cannabinoids), making it powerful at fighting pain. The combination of CBD and CBG helps the body receive the most powerful cannabinoids that work with the body’s nerve receptor system. Created using only the purest extraction methods, the Extra Strength 3000mg CBD tincture is one of the most lauded products available at Alpha Therapeutics, as it has garnered a number of 5 star reviews.

Their second top rated product is their CBD Pain Stick. This is a topical CBD pain cream that is administered directly on the skin to the pain area. This is ideal for things like knee pain, back pain, or muscle soreness. Formulated by doctors with clinically tested ingredients, Alpha Therapeutics CBD Pain Stick easily absorbs into the skin for fast-acting pain relief. Dada and Dr. Southwell designed this product to help people get quick pain relief without drops or pills. It is loved by many Alpha Therapeutics customers for its effectiveness and convenience.

Alpha Therapeutics offers a number of CBD products for sleep, pain, mood and more. Each product comes with a Certificate of Analysis confirming the ingredients and levels of each cannabinoid in the product. Visit their company website to see a complete list of products.

The company also is backed by an MD advisory board, featuring two licensed medical physicians with decades of experience. All products are advised and formulated by real doctors who have a depth of knowledge of alternative wellness therapies. They design everything with the client in mind.

CBD research has been continuously growing since the 1940s, and it has experienced the biggest boom in the 2000s and 2010s. CBD comes from both the hemp and marijuana plants, but due to industry bans, it has taken a long time to get CBD mainstream. Now, physicians and CBD enthusiasts from all over the world are working to make CBD the new way to treat pain. It is a preferred method of pain management over prescription pills because they come with little to no side effects, are not addictive, and come straight from the earth. Alpha Therapeutics aim to inform the public about the benefits of CBD, and why people should take it seriously.

“It’s taken nearly 80 years for CBD to be used widely and without judgment,” says Dada. “The truth is, CBD is changing the game by providing safe and natural solutions to pain management. We are proud to be part of the CBD movement, and are excited by its future.”

To learn more about Alpha Therapeutics and all of their products, please visit their website at For media inquiries, contact Geoff Dada at (833) 257-4279 or They are located at 10599 N Tatum Suite F-156 Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.


For more information about Alpha Therapeutics LLC, contact the company here:

Alpha Therapeutics LLC
Geoff Dada
(833) 257-4279
10599 N Tatum
Suite F-156
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

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