New ICO Presale For Golden Inu ($Golden) Cryptocurrency Launched, Token Expands To ERC20

Published April 19, 2023

"Golden Inu Cryptocurrency Expanding into Ethereum Blockchain"
Author Ralph Perreira

New ICO presale for Golden Inu ($Golden) cryptocurrency has begun, 3rd quarter 2023.   The crypto brand is expanding onto the ERC20 network by Ethereum.  The move comes after a highly successful launch on the Binance-chain, formerly BSC blockchain, that yielded over +700% returns in its first month.  The Ethereum blockchain version of the $Golden token has begun its ICO presale on the official website.

Why is Golden Inu Launching Initial Coin Offering?

The reason for the erc20 token launch is the company’s furtherance into new web2 & metaverse technology.  

As planned via their original roadmap, Golden Inu completed a job platform and data simplification app for their ecosystem.  This was done in less than 60 days. The rapid development and deployment proved the company has a competent team and ability to create utility within the crypto space.  Over 2,500 crypto traders to date have used the two new crypto applications.

Now, Golden Inu is beginning a more complex web3 application.   It will begin development of a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange [DEX] with cross-chain bridging

The platform will bring a higher level of utility to the $Golden tokens and allow users of both the Binance and Ethereum networks to seamlessly swap crypto coins and tokens.   Whether a user wishes to privately exchange Binance [$BNB] coins for an Ethereum [$ETH] coin or Golden Inu [$Golden] for Shiba Inu [SHIB], it will be possible via the new decentralized crypto exchange [DEX]. 

The first step for Golden Inu in completing the new decentralized exchange is launching a $Golden token on the Ethereum blockchain.    An ICO pre-sale for the token has begun,  aiming to raise 30ETH (~US$59,950) for the DEX project, one of  several web3 & metaverse apps planned.

ICO Presale Tokenomics

A maximum of 125,000,000,000,000 $Golden (erc20) tokens can be purchased during this first round of the ICO pre-sale.  This is a max spend of 1 Ethereum [$ETH] crypto-coin.  If 30 users spend 1 $ETH, the first funding round will close. 

Round 1 Golden Inu ERC20 Investors will see a 25% return on investment upon the listing of the token on its first public crypto exchange.  

The second funding round will begin after the close of round 1 but the new ERC20 token will be sold at a slightly higher rate, lowering listing day yields.

Golden Inu is not a new cryptocurrency.   It has proven its legitimacy with the stability of its BNB-Chain token which went live in late February 2023.  Highly successful, it yielded ICO investors up to +700% returns on investment within 45 days of listing on PancakeSwap exchange.

There was no rug pull and the token’s security prevented crypto whale influencers.   Current market capitalization of the token is just under US$200,000 with a liquidity pool [fiat cash reserves] of over US$81,000.

Golden Inu token is also developing cryptocurrency eCommerce technology this quarter.   The “$Golden Bazaar” marketplace project was announced last month. It will follow  the early business model of Amazon & Shopify in terms of starting with simplicity.

Follow the official website, reddit, and twitter of Golden Inu token for the latest developments.

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