Hiring Marketplace With Unified Communications: 2023 Update

Published March 2, 2023

The workforce solutions provider is revolutionizing the hiring landscape, which has conventionally charged users a software subscription fee that makes contingency recruiting inaccessible to many growing companies.

More information is available at https://prosperix.com/hiring-marketplace

With Prosperix, client businesses need only pay for their successful hires, an innovation that enables them to economize hiring budgets and scale for operational growth. When a hiring business posts an opening for a position, the AI-driven marketplace will automatically curate and qualify lists of candidates from its network of talent pools and suppliers.

These local, remote, and hybrid workers are matched to positions based on their capabilities and past performance metrics, increasing the collaboration's chance of success. This eliminates the need for hiring businesses to conduct recruitment, screening, onboarding, and contracting operations and allows them to maintain a resilient workforce.

In addition to candidate curation, Prosperix can undertake EOR (Employer of Record) obligations for hired candidates, such as payrolling and workers' compliance insurance. The integrated hiring ecosystem includes unified communication features that allow businesses to collaborate with suppliers and recruiters through text, phone, and email.

Prosperix can also liaise with candidates on behalf of businesses, ensuring they meet screening requirements and streamline the staffing process. The marketplace generates competition between suppliers, pushing them to seek and nurture the best candidates. It does this through hiring rate transparency and in-app training tools for suppliers.

As such, besides decreasing their time-to-hire rates, Prosperix's clients can source top talents from thousands of pools across a range of locations and industries.

A spokesperson for the company said, "Prosperix's hiring marketplace is an online platform with powerful AI technology that matches your open jobs to an ever-expanding network of thousands of proven talent suppliers and their respective talent pools so you can fill your open positions quickly and easily."

More information can be found by visiting https://prosperix.com/hiring-marketplace

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