SkyQuest has observed in its research that 3.5 billion people are affected by oral diseases every year. Lip and oral cavities are considered among the top 20 cancerous diseases, causing deaths as high as 180,000 globally each year. It is found by SkyQuest and also confirmed by Global Burden of Disease 2019 that untreated dental caries or tooth decay is the most common health concern of the global population.

Medicover, an international healthcare and diagnostics company consolidated the complete acquisition of MeinDentist, a dental service provider on June 2nd, 2022. MeinDentist currently has 16 clinics in Germany with 147 dental chairs. This allowed Medicover to enter the German market helping expand their services in this country, by acquiring the company. The dental market in Germany is worth EUR 28.8 billion and it is witnessing a growth trajectory of 3% to 4% every year.

The dental market caters to all types of edibles and equipment required or provided in dentistry to diagnose, prevent or treat diverse dental issues like cavities, gum diseases, and many more. Highly influenced by the rising cases of periodontitis, tooth decay, and malocclusion, the dental market is expected to grow profitably. The focus of the market is gradually shifting towards the accession of such products which are cost-effective, provide painless procedures, and helps in the reduction of any mouth infections. Aesthetic dentistry is also a segment of this market that is witnessing a gradual rise in demand.

Like every other business sector, this market too is gearing up on its technological advancements like the use of Machine learning and AI to provide better and easier service. Robotics is also a technology witnessing an uproar in the dental market along with 3D printing, which has immensely made procedures cost and time effective.

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Mergers and acquisitions play a significant role in the dental market

In the highly competitive dental market, major growth techniques are implemented for the growth strategies starting from providing free dental checkups, to merging and acquiring companies for personal growth.

In April 2022, Solmetex, a supplier of dental products for water treatment and waste management acquired Sterisil, a dental waterline treatment provider. It was acquired to expand and boost the development and implementation of transformational technologies, focusing on cleaner water for the safety of patients during dental procedures and treatments. It was followed by Solmetex’s acquisition of DryShield, which manufactures all-in-one isolation systems for patients including a high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, tongue shield bite block, and other oral protectors. This acquisition’s focus is to boost and scale DryShield in the dental markets domestically as well as internationally.

In June 2022, Orthocell, a developing regenerative medicine company partnered with Bio-Horizons Implant Systems by entering a trademark license agreement for the distribution and supply of Stiate+ dental products, which is a resorbable collagen membrane that is used in regeneration procedures of bone and tissue. The license extends to 25 years, relating to the Stiate+ products especially for dental and oral-maxillofacial procedures, focusing on expanding the products’ promotion, supply, and marketing.

SkyQuest has published a report on the dental market which has a detailed analysis of the top 100 developments in the current dental market which includes new innovations, trends, current, and expected future demands as well as M&A. This will allow businesses to get an insight into the market and gain a competitive edge to establish their foothold in the rising dental market.

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Top Innovations to look out for in the Dental Market

From a survey, it has been found that patients hesitate in visiting dentists because of the fear of pain during dental procedures. Sky Quest found in a survey that around 10% to 39% of patients have complained because the pulpal anesthesia was not effective in their cases. This has opened the market for the demand for correct local anesthesia that can boost confidence in patients. Recent research shows that inferior alveolar nerve block (IANB) injection was more effective when it was followed after receiving nitrous oxide/oxygen as opposed to room air/oxygen. This has led to show that the success rate of such anesthesia is accelerated when nitrous oxide is used.

DLP or Digital Light Processing 3D Printing has emerged to be a more effective way of producing dental crowns than conventional million. It has been found that the 3 print restorations have shown higher accuracy and fewer discrepancies as compared to that of conventional milling in permanent crown production. The DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology is a type of 3D printing which is resin-based and it is known for its lightspeed and precision using digital light projection and oxygen-permeable products. In a recent study, it was also found that carbon printers have been found more reliable in the dental market procedures as compared to others., especially in the implant industry.

For instance, Ziemek Laboratory in Washington, USA, has fully shifted to the digital dentistry approach. It specializes in creating implants, crowns, and other removable products as required in the dental market. With the help of the Carbon M series printers, they have been able to tackle the biggest shortcomings, which are, the unpredictable and unprecedented cost structure of the procedures, inconsistency appearing in the procedures, and lastly, the high rising cost of such dental model production. The cost of production has shrunk from 27.5% to 12.5%, the production time has declined by as much as 40%. Another instance is Derby Dental Lab which has been able to accelerate its dental model production by 60% with the help of Carbon 3D printing.

SprintRay, a dental technology company that focuses on creating end-to-end 3D printing of dental procedures like crowns, inlays, only, and veneers, came up with SprintRay Crown which is a ceramic-filled 3D printing used for building permanent crowns and so on. It is a budget-friendly technology and highly specialized, making it a go-to option for dental professionals.

Besides, Sky Quest found in its extensive research that dental radiology equipment is in high demand with more and more research and development investments going into them. Apps are being developed to cater to patients by providing up-to-date information and helping them keep track of their oral health, appointment dates, and so on.

SkyQuest’s analysis provides a detailed analysis of the investments by the top companies studied and analyzed meticulously to understand their strategies. The investments in R&Ds that are currently being made by the companies and the innovations and trends that encompass the market are provided in detail in the report. This report will allow businesses to get a better understanding of how to allocate their budget in different segments.

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Key Players of the Dental Market

  • Ultradent Products Inc. (US)
  • Planmeca Group (Finland)
  • Ivoclar Vivadent AG (US)
  • Nova Instruments (Israel)
  • J. MORITA Corporation (Japan)
  • Nakanishi Inc. (Japan)
  • Millennium Dental Technologies (US)
  • BEIN-AIR DENTAL (Switzerland)
  • Midmark Corporation (US)
  • Takara Belmont Corporation (Japan)

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