Brook Taube Explains How Novel Therapeutics is The Future of Mental Health Solutions

Published July 27, 2023

Brook B. Taube has long invested in helping people with mental health problems and supports pioneering new care methods. These are novel therapies or therapeutics designed to manage mental health problems more effectively. He believes these care methods are the future of mental health treatment.

Why Taube Believes In Novel Therapeutics

Though the mental health world has seen improvement in recent years, there are still many problems that don’t have easy solutions. Brook Taube is consistently looking for novel therapeutics to help manage these issues.

Novel therapeutics for mental health treatment can focus on a multitude of different approaches. For example, they may include new medications that help manage emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and more. These medicines can help provide people with the recovery assistance they deserve, including finding replacements for medications that have outstayed their usefulness.

Furthermore, novel therapeutics can include psychological help, improved counseling, enhanced behavioral therapy, and more. Mental health is a complex problem and requires multiple approaches to care for a person on every level. For instance, enhanced spiritual treatment options, such as meditation and even yoga, may relieve anxiety for many people.

Taube was an early backer of Progressive Therapeutics (PTI), a life sciences company that works on developing novel therapeutics for a variety of mental health solutions. They are pioneering new concepts to create beneficial options that make sense for many markets.

PTI is looking to develop new and novel therapeutic solutions for the women’s healthcare market, specifically focusing on female mental health concerns. These include struggles with various common gender-based problems, such as menopause. PTI hopes to serve broader mental health needs by expanding diagnostic tools in powerful and positive ways.

These novel therapeutic methods will vary depending on the approach required and the new concepts discovered. It is a long-term process that Brook Taube understands will take many years. That means an investment in this process is essential, including finding financing sources and researchers who feel comfortable putting in the long work required to discover novel therapeutics that work for the broadest range of people.

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