Author Barbara Woster’s Series Titled “I Am Proud of Who I Am: I Hope You Are Too,” Is Earning Rave Reviews and Inspiring Young Readers

Published February 13, 2023
The “I Am Proud of Who I Am: I Hope You Are Too” series for young readers by Barbara Woster bridges the gap between knowing that we should respect other cultures and actually teaching readers how to accomplish it. The 15-book series is designed to broaden both readers’ horizons and demonstrate that we are all people, no matter our country of origin or where in the world we live.

“I would have loved this book as a child and even found it entertaining as an adult.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

Barbara Woster has created a most unique series for young readers based on the idea that we are indeed all people regardless of our culture, our homeland, or where we live in this vast and diverse world. With 15 books in her I Am Proud of Who I Am: I Hope You Are Too series geared toward younger readers, Woster addresses the cultures of countries around the world and the unique traits associated with various regions across the United States. From Afghanistan to Zambia and Sierra Lione to South Dakota, Woster covers a broad array of material in each of her short 40-plus page books. Written with children in mind, Woster’s books are giving adults a reason to sit down and pour over her timely and well-crafted texts.

“This book is a great way for children to recognize commonalities throughout the world, understand the hardships some young people face, and feel confident in who they are and hope to be.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Book:

I Am Proud of Who I Am: I Hope You Are Too, marketed as a children’s series, will remind readers of days gone by and the exchange of pen-pal letters we all knew and loved. Author Barbara Woster has created a series of 15 books centered around short one to two-page descriptions of countries and states in the US, their languages, customs, and various religions. Included in Woster’s series are unique facts about the countries and states as well as illustrations that give readers the necessary visuals to make lasting connections through the text. In addition to vivid and educational descriptions, Woster’s work focuses on the pride the young people in each region feel and highlights their expectations and dreams for the future.

“...[a] series to stimulate a child to wonder.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Author:

Barbara Woster, author of the I Am Proud of Who I Am: I Hope You Are Too series for children, was inspired to become a writer at the age of 14 following a tragic accident. When she suffered an injury that required a lengthy rehabilitation, her father steered her interest away from romance novels and directed them toward the work of Clive Cussler, and her writing career was off and running.

“This is truly a lovely [series] that will surely broaden young readers' horizons as it introduces them to fascinating friends around the world.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

“Very diverse and inclusive!” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

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