1:1 Healing The Soul-CEO Program by The Way Of Areti Helping Create A Soulful Business Aligned With the Highest Purpose And Passion

Published February 27, 2023

Areti is a magnifying business coach and holistic healer helping entrepreneurs become leaders, build thriving businesses, and live from their greatest potential by using her gifts to shift their energy blocks, their subconscious and hidden beliefs and emotions when working 1-1 with them.

Getting started with a business can be challenging. Everyone faces challenges when they start a business, and there's no easy way around it. The key is ensuring starters have the right people on their side to help them succeed. That's where The Way Of Areti’s 1:1 Healing The Soul-CEO program comes in.

As a Purpose Led Business Coach and Soulful Business Mentor, Areti works 1:1 with people who want to shift their inner energy blocks and take action on their business goals. With her help, they create successful and sustainable businesses that tick all their boxes: profitable (to pay for lifestyle), joyful (to do the thing they love most), inspiring (to make a difference), and fun (enjoyable to live).

Whether it's fear of failure, limiting beliefs, or lack of direction, Areti believes everyone has the power to create a successful and fulfilling business. She is here to let them discover the secrets of attracting new business clients and growing profit. Through a series of coaching calls, holistic business coach, The Way Of Areti international will work with participants to help them believe in themselves and gain clarity around their vision and emotional blocks that prevent them from knowing what they want in life.

When asked about the purpose of launching The Soul-CEO program, the founder, Areti, said, "You want to bring out the best in yourself and your business and don’t know how to do it? I believe the key to creating a successful business is aligning your work with your purpose and passion. That's why the 1:1 Soul CEO course is focused on helping entrepreneurs create a business that is not only profitable but also fulfilling. By working with me, entrepreneurs will learn how to tap into their intuition, connect with their higher self, and create a business aligned with their true purpose. Let me help you uncover, release and shift those energies so your efforts will be directed toward your highest purpose and goals."

Besides offering a heart and Soul filling program, The Way Of Areti is a one-stop-spot for abundant life coaching and level-up life coaching through her womb awakening program, a powerful life-changing program that will connect women with their Feminine Power. Womb Awakening is an intimate, transformative womb healing program for women who yearn for more passion, joy, love, and purpose in their lives. She works with women worldwide to live more fulfilling by supporting them to create a vision for their authentic life, break down barriers holding them back, embrace their deepest desires, and be less afraid of not being perfect. It's about consciously connecting to their femininity and using it as a springboard for living their dreams!

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