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New York Family Law Attorney Martin Mohr Discusses Ten Important Things for Parents to Remember in Custody Cases

New York family law attorney Martin Mohr ( releases a new article discussing ten important things for parents to remember in custody cases. The lawyer mentions that child custody and visitation cases are often very emotional and can cause a lot of tension between ex-spouses. If there are children involved, even a divorced couple may still have to interact with each other.

“Your relationship is now very different and those feelings are not exclusive to you. Studies have shown that children share the impact of separated families. Before you make any decisions, it is important to speak with a qualified New York family law attorney,” says the New York family law attorney.

New York family law attorney

The lawyer also says that there are “ten commandments” – adapted from his long-time colleague, Sam Doulberg – that parents have to remember in order to help them understand their child’s perspective during a court proceeding. One of these “commandments” include parents putting their child’s needs at the center of all their decisions.

Attorney Martin Mohr explains that it is also important for both parents to always be respectful of each other. Disrespecting or putting down the other parent can cause the child to be resentful. It is also important to always be generous in allowing the child to visit the other parent or their family on the other parent’s side. This behavior can help the child grow in a more supportive environment.

In the article, attorney Mohr adds, “Never do things like recording conversations, posting to social media, or “live stream” with your children in order to enhance your legal position. This is likely to make things worse and this behavior stresses your child. It is also important to never ask your child about what goes on in the other parent’s home. Children know when they are being used as “spies” and do not like it.”

The lawyer also listed other important things such as never telling the child what they should say, never asking them what they told the lawyer, speaking to an experienced lawyer before dealing with other organizations, and trying to compromise with the other parent for the child’s sake as well as remembering that there is life after a custody battle.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled child support attorney when dealing with matters such as child custody and visitation. A skilled lawyer may be able to help the parents understand their roles and responsibilities in the divorce and help them come to a favorable agreement.

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