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New Tech Start-Up Imaging Panda Revolutionizes Medical Imaging for Patients and Physicians in L.A.

New technology service offers patients a new way to get medical imaging and save 65 percent on x-ray, MRI, and CT scan appointments without insurance

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2021 / Imaging Panda, a new technology company founded by Stanford University alumni Dr. Raheel Ata and Francisco Izaguirre, officially launched in Los Angeles on Friday Sept. 10. An online patient-first service, Imaging Panda enables patients with or without insurance to save on high-quality x-ray, MRI, and CT scan appointments.

Using Imaging Panda’s search tool, patients can quickly find and book affordable, high-quality medical imaging appointments online without the hassle of hidden fees, unfair prices, or delays-in-care that can come with using insurance. Patients get to see exactly what they’ll pay up-front, and Imaging Panda’s team takes care of all the hassle of booking and confirming the appointment.

“Two of the things I noted during medical school were (1) how ill-equipped most patients are to navigate the healthcare space, and (2) how complicated it’s become with all the hidden prices, insurance regulations, rules, and other red tape,” CEO and Co-founder Dr. Raheel Ata said. “Moreover, physicians aren’t trained to help patients through this process. They’re trained to make a diagnosis and provide care for patients but not to answer questions about pricing or insurance regulations. With Imaging Panda, we saw a way to combine two opportunities. First, we could provide a solution for patients – a service that operates similar to how you’d book a hotel or a massage with transparent pricing that puts patients fully in control. At the same time, we could help providers by creating a trustworthy service they can have patients use to handle all the questions, appointment processes, and paperwork of the imaging process. Together, Imaging Panda empowers patients to save money while giving physicians more time to care for their patients”

And both patients and physicians are pleased with the results so far.

“As a surgeon, medical imaging is a very important tool for me to effectively plan for surgeries and monitor patients post-operatively. Unfortunately, healthcare is getting too expensive for many patients. Imaging Panda enables physicians to actually help patients afford their medical imaging, while still ensuring we get everything we need to do our job. It’s a big win for patients, physicians, and payers.” – Oliver Aalami, Vascular Surgeon at Stanford

“I was happy to know I was able to get an MRI on the same day I needed it because of Imaging Panda. I was able to see how cheap or expensive some areas were. What I was really impressed with is the response time from the team.” – Jeff J., Patient

“Not sure why this is a better option than going through my insurance, but it is. I called when I left my doctor’s office and got an appointment confirmation for the same day before I even got home. I wish more of healthcare can be like this.” – Brandon B., Patient

“Imaging Panda is the healthcare experience I needed 15 years ago, and what my mom needed when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor and needed multiple MRIs,” CTO and Co-Founder Francisco Izaguirre said. “With Imaging Panda, we combined my passion for technology and Raheel’s passion for healthcare to create a patient-first experience that empowers by providing information and choices they’re usually not getting – up-front prices, appointment options. We talked with patients and physicians, looked at how they behave in today’s digital world, looked at the issue of getting affordable medical imaging services and the lack of price transparency, and then we started building. In the end we had one goal – make healthcare as simple to understand as black-and-white, like the panda in our logo.”

Transparent Pricing and Online Shopping Experience Make Imaging Panda Unique

  1. Prices are presented up-front and bundled, which means patients see the total cost at the beginning and not weeks after the appointment.
  2. Prices are the same for everyone.
  3. Refundable deposits allow patients to reserve appointments and take advantage of incredibly low prices.
  4. No insurance is required.
  5. Booking is handled by the Imaging Panda customer service team, so patients don’t wait hours or days or weeks to talk to someone or get the appointment scheduled.
  6. Following an appointment, all patients are given a copy of their images give to their physician, enabling faster diagnosis and greater focus on patient care.

Imaging Panda Lets Patients Avoid Hassle and Hidden Fees of Insurance Providers

Imaging Panda doesn’t require patients to have insurance and is able to offer low-cost prices to anyone who chooses to use the service.

“Healthcare traditionally has been full of opaque practices that old school institutions thrive on – such as not sharing pricing and fees with patients,” Ata said. “Patients end up getting taken advantage of due to this. In fact, the New York Times recently exposed how much large hospitals and insurance companies were influencing prices. And if you look at that article, sometimes its hundreds to thousands of dollars cheaper for a service if you didn’t have insurance.”

Because the mission of Imaging Panda is to make healthcare “Accessible, Affordable and Transparent” Imaging Panda works hard to partner with high-quality, accredited imaging centers that offer fair pricing. Thanks to the company’s conscious effort, patients who use Imaging Panda can save up to 65 percent on X-ray, MRI, and CT scan services.

“We wanted Imaging Panda to be different, to give patients back confidence and control,” Izaguirre said. “With us, the first thing patients can do after finding local imaging centers is look at pricing. The patient is in the driver’s seat and has a patient-first place where they can choose what’s right for them.”

Imaging Panda is now available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and surrounding areas. Plans to expand the service to more cities and states are in the works. Learn more about Imaging Panda, including how it works and what other patients are saying at

About Imaging Panda

Imaging Panda was founded in 2020 by Stanford University alumni Dr. Raheel Ata and Francisco Izaguirre to revolutionize how patients find, schedule, and pay for medical imaging. Dedicated to empowering patients, Imaging Panda lets you book affordable, high-quality medical imaging appointments online without the hassle of hidden fees, unfair prices, or delays-in-care that can come with using insurance. At Imaging Panda, we believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone who needs it with pricing that’s as simple as black-and-white – like the panda in our logo. Learn more about Imaging Panda at


SOURCE: Imaging Panda, Inc.

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