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New Manhattan Crypto Capital Fund Positioned to be at Forefront of New World Investing

MCC’s fund managers have expertise in crypto currencies, digital assets and AI investment strategies

(PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2022

A new private crypto hedge fund, Manhattan Crypto Capital, is gearing up to launch by a fund manager who acquired a fintech company with an investment algorithm that has seen its portfolios grow 987 percent in recent years running live since 2013 on multi-tested accounts. The private fund is seeking verified accredited investors only pursuant to Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

With a focus on investing in environmental, social and corporate governance; cleantech enabling more sustainable crypto mining and staking; play-to-earn gaming, metaverse and blockchain niche funds; and investing in its own venture’s funds, Manhattan Crypto Capital is positioned to be at the forefront of the new world investing.

According to Founder/CEO Zaid Khan, the fund is “backed by an exceptionally high level of due diligence and passes through the required levels of regulation. In addition, our diversification strategy balances risk across multiple assets combined with a new success forecast as a reflection of past fund managers’ performance.”

Born to immigrant parents, Khan started learning to invest in stocks at the age of 16 by his Father. He pursued his passion for mechanical engineering at the New York City College of Technology and started a power and energy company at the age of 21. Within seven years, Khan and his partners scaled that business into a multi-million-dollar contracting business.

Following an accident that required amputation and being bedridden for two years, Khan reinvented his business skills in 2016 when he discovered cryptography, where he soon became a pioneer in digital investing. Over the next few years, he acquired a fintech company, expanded his holdings with other fintech companies, and partnered with a high-value network of individuals in multiple sectors to source exceptional deals and rear investment opportunities.

By compounding profits from mining and staking, Manhattan Crypto Capital will be able to preserve its treasury, maintain liquidity and offer quarterly distributions.

“Manhattan Crypto Capital is innovative and positioned to invest in disruptive cryptography technology, hedged by rare asymmetric arbitrage deals and leveraged by industry experience,” Khan said.

For more information, visit or connect with Khan on LinkedIn.


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