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Method Seven Launches The Duchess FX Classic Sunglasses In Collaboration With The Dank Duchess

Santa Cruz, California –

Specialty optics company Method Seven has launched The Duchess FX Classic, a stylish pair of sunglasses engineered to keep the wearer’s eyes safe from bright white full spectrum LED lights, CMH/LEC lamps, and the sun. The sunglasses have been designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based cannabis industry icon, The Dank Duchess, an international hashish consultant, cannabis cultivator, and public speaker.

The Duchess sunglasses boast a lightweight and narrow Italian-crafted unisex frame that provides full wrap coverage to block out light from all sides. The lenses, which have been crafted from a durable polymer, deliver the highest possible amount of safe light to the eyes while also providing 100% UV protection. The infrared heat reduction ability of the lenses keeps the eyes cool and moist while the anti-reflective coating on them cuts the glare from ambient lights. The sunglasses have large lenses, a narrow fit, and lightweight construction. The glasses have an eye width of 54.7 mm, bridge width of 12.5 mm, temple length of 131.5 mm, lens height of 48.5 mm, and a curve of Base 6.

The Duchess Sunglasses

The Dank Duchess is a public figure, ambassador, and icon within the cannabis industry with over 18 years of cultivation and over 7 years of hash-making experience. She has more than 48,000 followers on her Instagram account @thedankduchess. She was mentored by world-renowned hash evangelist Frenchy Cannoli. Apart from her interest in all things related to cannabis, she has also proven her artistic skills as a painter and musician. Her hash articles and tutorials have been published in reputed cannabis culture publications around the world such as Weed World UK, Weed World Italia, Cannabis Now, and Skunk Magazine.

James Cox, the CEO of Method Seven commented on the launch of The Duchess FX Classic by saying, “The Dank Duchess is a legend among cannabis enthusiasts. Receiving her valuable input on the design of these bold sunglasses is a feather in our cap. Her design ethos for the sunglasses accentuates the utility of the underlying lens technology that was engineered jointly by Zeiss Sun Vision Laboratories and experienced ophthalmologists and optical physicists. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this seamless marriage of form and function without her consultation on the project. Her endorsement of the sunglasses is sure to make them a hit with growers who admire her work. If you are a cannabis grower, you can use these glasses to protect yourself from the powerful band radiation from LED lights and the UV and infrared radiation from CMH/LEC lamps. At the same time, the lenses let in just the right amount of light to let you see deep into the canopy. So, if you are in the market for the best grow glasses that money can buy, head over to our website and take a look at the impressive spec sheet and eye-catching aesthetic of The Duchess FX Classic today.”

The sunglasses have received perfect 5-star reviews from verified buyers on the Method Seven website. One reviewer praises how effectively the sunglasses protect their eyes from the searing grow lights by saying, “Working under my LEDs has been brutal on my eyes. These (sunglasses) work perfectly to see everything way easier. Nice to wear outside too.” Another reviewer mentions their use of the Duchess FX sunglasses as sportswear by saying, “I love this frame and lens – I’ve been using it biking and the fit is perfect. I have a medium size face – it’s narrow but has great coverage as it somewhat wraps. It’s like a sports frame with a retro flair. The lens is dope too. Not too dark – I can see my cell easily. Everything looks super clear.”

Method Seven offers free shipping and returns on all domestic orders. The company also has a no-frills, no questions asked, 30-day return policy. All of its products are backed by a warranty. Readers can visit Method Seven’s website to browse its entire range of wholesale grow room glasses.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
James Cox
(831) 600-7455
1010 Fair Ave suite K, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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