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MetaVersusWorld Brings Insights to the DCentral Miami Panel

MetaVersusWorld has been on a mission to revolutionize how we interact with the metaverse and this mission has seen it attend functions with other blockchain industry projects. The latest of these was the DCentral panel which saw Moray Hickes, the CEO of MetaVersusWorld, participate with Jeffrey Maganis of Crowdcreate, Stan Georgiev of ReadyPlayerMe, and others. This panel was held on November 28 at JAMES L KNIGHT CENTER , Miami US.

The panel featured discussions on the Metaverse and, more specifically, the factors that lead to a successful one. As Jeff from CrowdCreate noted, one of the factors for several projects’ success was the leveraging of influencer marketing and developing the creator economy which brought in hordes of users.

Moray from MetaVersusWorld also spoke on the topic, adding that the potential for commercial activities in the metaverse has been a driver of events. We’ve seen everything from fashion shows art exhibitions to parties in the metaverse and this appeals to both users and brands.

The users want to have fun and the brands want to sell to the users, which creates a win-win situation.

“Brands need to be able to experiment in the Metaverse, therefore metaverse platforms need to provide brands with the tooling and strategy to enable experimentation with lower risk and commitment. […] Digital consumers need ease of access, return on value and excitement from a metaverse experience, one that brings them back and provides added utility and reward from engagement,” he says.

But it is not all smooth sailing as Moray says that if the metaverse is going to succeed, it will need to give users an experience comparable or even better than what they get with web2.

“For large scale adoption to happen, to move from innovators and early adopters and cross the chasm to the early majority experiences must be created that not only match existing web2 and physical ones, but they must provide value unattainable in existing experiences,” he says.

About MetaVersusWorld

Founded in 2021 on UnrealEngine5 and EVM, MetaversusWorld is a web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse. Serving both B2B brands and digital consumers, MetaversusWorld is the premium web3 platform with its native currency and own circular economy.

With its strategic partners in the industry, MetaVersusWorld is taking on the future of web3.

Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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