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Mathias Precision Tree Service Offers Tree Removal and More This Holiday Season

Mathias Precision Tree Service Offers Tree Removal and More This Holiday Season
Quality tree services in and around St. Louis, Missouri

O’Fallon, MO. – Dec 15, 2022 – Mathias Precision Tree Service urges homeowners in O’Fallon, St. Peters, and St. Charles not to let hazardous trees ruin holiday celebrations. Now entering its third decade, this tree service serving Greater St. Louis, MO, explains that prompt tree removal services can keep trees healthy and prevent injuries or property damage.

Sidewalk, Walkway, and Driveway Hazards

Overgrown tree branches are at risk year-round from high winds and precipitation. When these branches extend over walkways, driveways, or public sidewalks, they pose a hazard to any person, pet, or vehicle underneath. Snowfall compounds the risk of branches snapping and falling. The Greater St. Louis area usually sees its heaviest snow in January and February, a compelling reason to take last-minute action in December.

How Professional Tree Care Services Keep Trees Healthy

In some cases, removing or pruning a dead branch may solve the issue. In other cases, removing the entire tree is the better solution. To map out the best path forward, Mathias Precision Tree Service begins with an evaluation by the company’s in-house certified arborist. If a tree is healthy and poses no other hazards, tree pruning to remove the overhanging branch may solve the problem.

Preventive Tree Trimming and Pruning

Mathias Precision Tree Service recommends annual care to keep trees healthy and prevent hazards. Toward that goal, the company’s tree care services include tree pruning, disease treatment, fertilization, and landscaping advice.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Removal

If a healthy tree poses a threat to a house’s roof or driveway, removing the tree is the best long-term option. Similarly, when pests or diseases compromise the tree’s health, the company recommends removal. If a fallen tree presents an imminent danger, Mathias Precision Tree Service can perform an emergency tree removal.

Stump Grinding

To further enhance safety and curb appeal, Mathias Precision Tree Service, serving Greater St. Louis, MO, recommends stump removal after all tree removal services. Beyond an unsightly appearance, decaying stumps may become a home for insects and other pests.

For More Information

For tree service serving Greater St. Louis, MO, contact Mathias Precision Tree Service. Learn more by visiting or calling 314-322-7690.

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