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Kovaceski Music’s Album “WOUNDS” Beautifully Celebrates the Connection of Spirit and Heritage

Artists around the world collaborated to bring this dynamic new album to life

(PRUnderground) November 21st, 2022

Kovaceski Music has announced the official launch of a brand new album entitled simply ‘WOUNDS’.

The all-new album from musician and entrepreneur Klime Kovaceski weaves together spirit and heritage with a masterful lineup of ten tracks including “Emptiness”, “Wounds”, “Sources”, “Trace”, “Sunrise”, and “Shadow”.

Each simply astounding yet elegant single showcases powerful artistry and musicality met with deep and meaningful vocals. The depth of the music is only met by the strength of the lyrics, carefully curated to ignite the soul. What perhaps makes ‘WOUNDS’ so different from other albums out right now is that it’s an international album. Instead of creating an album within the walls of one studio, Kovaceski Music’s latest project spanned the world to partner with artists who recorded on-site.

“My music is a mosaic of musical ideas created in collaboration with several special guests,” said Kovaceski. His music is rooted in Macedonian culture and language, which gives authentic style and passionate musicality that is appreciated around the world. In an effort to keep ‘WOUNDS’ a truly international album, Kovaceski Music has translated all of the album’s tracks into Macedonian, international, and instrumental versions.

“The musicians enjoyed the freedom to create without any specific instructions or limitations,” said Kovaceski. “Their talents are guided only by the spirit and nature of the songs on the album.”

There were 17+ collaborators on the new album; a full listing can be seen at the Kovaceski Music website.

Another album, ‘HORIZON’, will follow along the same model as ‘WOUNDS’. It’s set to debut this year, as well. More information can be found at The entire ‘WOUNDS’ album is available for free streaming at Spotify.

About Kovaceski Music

Kovaceski Music is an international music project started by Klime Kovaceski that showcases artists’ innate, raw talent while striking unique collaborations and partnerships.

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