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Kicking ASSpergers and Overcoming Obstacles Faced Dealing with Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that impairs an individual’s capacity to communicate and interact with others. As a result, people with autism frequently struggle to interpret and respond to social cues and may exhibit repetitive behaviors or interests. They may also be sensitive to certain sounds, tastes, or smells.

Being diagnosed with autism can be a difficult challenge for anyone who has it, considering that some people believe it is a debilitating illness that prevents one from living normal lives. Jeremy Tolmie, author of Kicking ASSpergers: One Meltdown at a Time, debunks this assumption. His mission is to educate people and inform them about what it’s really like to live with autism after facing numerous challenges throughout his life.

Tolmie’s early life

Jeremy describes the early signs of his autism in the book, how he was neglected due to his condition, and how he encountered frustrating inadequacies in the medical health system. He was called names, physically abused, and made to feel like he didn’t belong. As a result, he was frequently shunned by both his peers and adults.

In the years that followed, he had been in and out of the medical system. He found it very hard to find stability at school and work. Struggling with his condition, Jeremy began to alienate the people in his life and found himself in various living situations, including psych wards. Jeremy eventually meets Dave Ray, a house-sharing provider and the one who managed to be his support system. With Ray’s guidance, Tolmie learns to “trust the process” and not let his condition control his life.

Moving forward

Despite the trials and tribulations, Jeremy continues to impart positive lessons about living with the condition. He shares his story in his book by blending facts and events with his fun sense of humor.

Jeremy, at 40, has three books published and a stable job at a local library. Tolmie is thriving, has a solid support system, and is living his best life. He has made it his mission to tell his story in the hopes that it would help others avoid the challenges that every autistic person faces as they grow up into adulthood.

Kicking ASSpergers: One Meltdown at a Time is available in print and e-book. Purchase Jeremy’s inspiring work on this website.

Jeremy Tolmie
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