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Is CK Trading Institute of Technology a legitimate business?

CK Trading Institute of Technology LLC is an institute that teaches individuals about Forex and Crypto trading.

It has already enrolled more than 2000 students since its launch in October 2021. And in just a short period, CK Trading Institute has already garnered more than 76,000 followers on social media.

George Ama who was born to Polynesian parents and grew up in the United States is the founder of CK Trading Institute.

He worked as a Forex trader and trader analyst for 20 years, and now uses his extensive knowledge and expertise to teach students about the industry.

“This is my way of giving back to those who are willing to be humble enough and mentally tough enough to learn a skill set that will forever change your life,” Ama said.

Series of videos and courses are offered to the trainees to help them get started in the FX and Crypto trading industry. They are taught about opening accounts, starting their first trades in a dummy account, and assisting them in ongoing live trading.

“I take time to coach them 1-on-1 and we have team members available 24/7 on our Discord channel to handle any questions from the group of students,” said Ama.

One of their classes is the Goliath Automated Trading Bot and CK Trading Institute Pod Classes.

Many individuals have already benefited from the classes they offer. From low to no income, many people who enrolled in CK Trading Institute are now earning more than $100,000 annually.

Having received tons of reviews and great testimonials from their students, it is on a great ascent in educating people in creating and running their own trading business.

“The strategies I’ve learned from CK Trading over the last 90 days are also helping me outside the group when I trade options on the stock market. I work driving trucks and I’m now at the point where, if I wanted, I could leave my job and do this full time,” Dru, one of the students said.

Their students come from all over the world, a truly global community from the likes of Australia, UK, Singapore, USA, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Spain, France, and more.

CK Trading Institute of Technology students can make up to a couple of thousand dollars a day, and even had one student who made 50 BTC in a single day.

What’s next for CK Trading?

CK Trading Institute of Technology aims to become the company that moves the market with its trades and generates income in the process.

They also plan to offer their services for free to chosen students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. For now, Ama is working with a few charities by offering courses to single parents.

“We can help them both better themselves financially and learn a job they can do from anywhere and at any time. This will be coming out in the next few weeks.” Ama said.

CK Trading Institute of Technology also plans to create CK Trading Institute Teens to teach younger students about Forex markets.

“We want kids to learn about how to make money on the FX markets and our course will focus on involving both the kids and the parents,” says Ama.

As early as now, CK Institute of Technology LLC has found itself very trustworthy and relevant in today’s business drift.

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