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inGen Dynamics Acquires London-based Kaiser Haus

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – In a bid to ramp up its connected home and business automation line-up, inGen Dynamics has acquired a London-based startup named Kaiser Haus that builds wireless home and business monitoring systems, including connected security cameras. Kaiser Haus, established in 2019 in London, produces apps to synchronize connected devices and gadgets to control them from a single hub and uses several open-source frameworks to power its modules.

The deal brings a worldwide network of 6 Distributors who has an office, infrastructure, and distribution network into inGen. inGen Dynamics has integrated the Kaiser Haus apps as a home and business automation module in the Origami network. This process has helped The Origami Platformtm reach at least 1 Million additional hours of installed production time in 2022 from Home automation installations for inGen. The newly implemented Kaiser Haus modules within The Origami Platformtm give inGen Robots and AI solutions the ability to communicate and interface with home and business automation equipment and applications.

The Kaiser Haus Research and Development Team has become an integral part of inGen Dynamics. Arun Chandrasekhar, one of the founders of Kaiser Haus, will join the inGen Dynamics leadership team. The company will continue to market and operate under its established brand name. 

Kaiser Haus designs apps to control a wide range of connected devices, such as lighting, thermostats, burglar alarms, and so on. The company has built an open-source aggregation platform for all small-big dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers of home and business automation products. Kaiser does the assessment, configuration testing, implementation, and integration of its client monitor and automation solution. Kaiser Haus also works with a growing list of firms, distributors, and global partners to market, sell, deploy, and provide after-sales services of its products.  

“Our AI features which are based on Video Analytics have given us a very unique Niche and we’re cross-selling through builders, architects, and interior designers instead of reaching out directly to the home and business buyers,” says Arun Chandrasekhar. “We are also tapping into the broker network and having them market and sell Kaiser Haus as a set of packaged services to their prospects and existing customers. To our growing network of distributors, Kaiser Haus is an established and trustworthy platform that they have confidence in to deliver modern and  innovative home and business automation to their client’s doorstep.”

“Kaiser Haus brings experience and expertise to inGen Dynamics in building connected, wireless home monitoring and security technology solutions. The company’s products operate completely wire-free, requiring no complicated installation and running on simple, readily available local materials and equipment,” said Arshad Hisham, Founder, and CEO of inGen Dynamics. “We are also looking to further invest in Kaiser Haus, to set up a modernized research and development facility, to develop and launch a cadre of new products and services, across a diverse array of industry verticals, through the intelligent integration of The Origami Platformtm of inGen Dynamics.”

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About Kaiser Haus

Kaiser Haus is the premier innovation and automation experience for luxury homes and businesses. Clients enjoy elegant and intuitive control over every connected device in their home and business like never before. The company believes home and business automation should feel natural for owners and guests. Kaiser Haus solutions are professionally built and customized specifically for your needs.

About inGen Dynamics

inGen Dynamics is an AI and Robotics company dedicated to positively influencing the world’s perception of intelligent machines. We create smart, innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of life. Our passion is about bringing together state-of-the-art technology with everyday living. Bridging the gap between science fiction and reality, we deliver intelligent, innovative products that solve real-world problems and enhance lifestyles.

inGen Dynamics and its products have been showcased and featured in major global research reports on security & home robotics and VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, IEEE, Fortune, PopSci, Forbes, BCG, Discovery, Mashable, and the Edison Awards.

To know more about inGen Dynamics visit or reach out to Janice Carlson at

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