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Image Recognition Football Startup Started Crowdfunding

Image Recognition Football Startup Started Crowdfunding

A startup led by a well-honored inventor and ex-sports man is asking football fans for support in progressing with their journey in bringing innovation to football. They are finishing off the world’s first fully automated goal line and offside detection system so everyone can enjoy fairer games. In return, Mr. Maruzsi invites three lucky donators to watch the Real Madrid CF – FC Barcelona game this autumn with him from VIP Premium seats.

Goal line and offside detection system

Football is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, but the referees’ decisions often upset the mood and take the fun out of the game. FIFA’s leadership seems open to introducing technical innovations, but it is still in its infancy.

The VAR system currently used is slow and time-consuming, with television camera footage being analyzed by experts on a replay-by-replay basis, with varying degrees of success.

The inventor of the Maruzsi System was looking for a way to give an immediate 100% accurate judgment and signal when the ball is out of play and when offside situations are being judged.

The Maruzsi System is based on two main elements. It uses high-performance computers to process images from cameras with detailed resolution and sends them to the assistant’s stick. The stick vibrates, beeps, and gives a light signal the moment the ball leaves the playing field. So, the assistant’s job is easy, if he gets a signal, he puts his hand up, if the stick does not signal then the ball has not left the field in its entirety. He can also tell if the ball has left the field of play on the goal line (green), baseline (red), or touchline (flashing red) by the light bar signal.

From this point of view, it is also easy to assess the offside situations. If at the moment of kicking the ball, the striker getting the ball is clearly offside, the assistant raises the stick as before. If the striker is clearly not offside, there is no challenge. If, however, the assistant has the slightest doubt as to whether the striker’s scoring body part was closer to the baseline than the second defender at the moment of the kick, he must press the button on his thumb. If the handle of the stick vibrates, beeps, and the yellow light is lit, the raised flag indicates the position of the offside. If there is no signal, play can continue, even if the striker happens to have gained several meters.

The assistant has the possibility to check whether the player who has been offside has made an idle offside position, by means of a graphic projected on the screen of the marker stick.

A big advantage is that the assistant does not have to be in line with the second defender so that he can concentrate on other events.

An essential feature of the system is that there is no need to apply any chip into the ball and the players’ clothing.

Currently, the system accurately indicates when the ball is out of play, and the development team is working on a visual analysis of the offside position.

The Maruzsi System, with its instant signaling, offers a wealth of opportunities for further innovative solutions, such as the “Smart Yellow Card”, the prototype development of which is 90% complete.

Crowdfunding and a Real Madrid – Barcelona game with the inventor

By the fans for the fans. The innovator believes his technology will benefit fans the most. For this reason, the project should be brought to life through the direct support of football fans. On the company’s website, you can make a donation of as little as 10 USD. All support will go towards improving the accuracy of the ball recognition AI for the offside detection prototype and getting the system closer to a FIFA license.

For donations, you can visit:

To show his appreciation Mr. Maruzsi invites three lucky donators to watch the Real Madrid CF – FC Barcelona game this autumn with him from VIP Premium seats. Here you can ask him questions, share your ideas or just enjoy the legendary El Clasico together.

Source: Maruzsi System

Media Contact: +36309246387

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