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IGH Group Aims To Make ICO Investment Safe

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
is the major utility of the crypto world today. Anyone from anywhere around the world can contribute and participate in innovating the world. J.R willet in 2013, raised $500,000 in BTC using a whitepaper, “The second bitcoin whitepaper” for his project Mastercoin (now called Omni). Though his project failed badly, his approach was well adopted by the crypto community, and projects like ETH, SOL, BNB, SHIB…… made their way and changed the world forever. First time ever in history retail investors could participate in the initial funding of a business. Soon it became a trend, billions of dollars flowed into the market creating a bubble. Scammers too got on board and robbed investors leaving a negative impact on ICO. Crypto is still in its infancy and here nothing is too big to fail, the collapse of Luna, 3AC, Voyager, FTT, FTX, Almeda research, and many other countless failed projects did hurt the industry for the short term the long term benefit and promise of better future overshadowed and couldn’t discourage the crypto community.

Several studies showed that the gen z population preferred crypto over other existing assets in traditional finance. Over thousands of tokens are in existence, but most of them are either failed projects or abandoned ones. Despite all the development in the market new groundbreaking ideas are making their way into web3 and ICO is the most popular way to start. For the industry to grow more projects are the need and the number of projects is going to explode in near future. The amount of risk involved is very high while rewards from it justify all the risk were worth it. As there are thousands of projects running ICO each day it’s a painful process to track them all. IGH group is committed to helping investors get first-hand information about all the upcoming projects, you can find detail about the ICOs in their calendar.

IGH group is a strong team of developers, analysts, promoters, investors, and marketers who have spent most of their lives in the blockchain and crypto space. They know the potential of the ICO and working to bridge investors with legit projects. The growing number of projects poses a serious challenge for investors and developers. And scams have become too common and easy to operate. Picking the right ICO is best for any investor, but a lack of knowledge is holding people from participating. IGH group incubates projects and they claim to crack the code for running a successful presale campaign. Their method is well-tested and gathered a large number of people in their community who have been benefiting from their expertise. Anyone can generate ideas but only a few can manifest them. IGH group has invested in many new upcoming projects with high ROI. “You can easily profit from an ICO, with slight research you can make a great investment decisionJames Austin a senior analyst at IGH group said in an interview with Forbes. They believe everyone must benefit from the blockchain economy and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Investment always comes with an associated risk and experts help reduces that risk, so it’s better to take suggestions and consultations from experts. IGH group is the key to the ICO market, where not only project developers can benefit but also investors for a high yield on their investment. IGH group is not just investing they’re building many Dapps to help the crypto community. With a clear vision to make crypto for all possible, they’re developing different products to keep track of your ICO projects and manage your ICO portfolio. If you ever wanted to invest in ICO but don’t know how to start IGH community can be a great help to you.

IGH group is a trusted partner for both investors and developers. Marketing tools like multi-send, token locker, airdrop, and whitelist help developers get the attention of investors. If you have an amazing idea but don’t know how to start then the IGH group is the partner you always wanted. They incubate new projects to run successful campaigns and help with post-launch marketing. For your web3 project, IGH group is a one-stop for what you need.

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