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Horizon Oasis FZ LLC to launch Singapore subsidiary Horizon Singapore

SINGAPORE, December 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Singapore the crypto hub for the asian market

The adoption of Blockchain by nation states is not exempt from challenges and it is having the most varied reactions from sovereign nations. From countries that embrace and incentivise the application of the technology such as El Salvador (which has declared Bitcoin legal tender), all the way to the ones that try to over-regulate them (like the current case the SEC has against Ripple in the US) or straight away ban them, such as China has done several times (the last one this 2021, forbidding any Crypto related activity). Singapore has always been friendly to the new technology, it is not a coincidence Horizon Oasis LLC has chosen the nation city as their Asian operations base. Singapore stands out amongst Asian nations for its favorable environment towards crypto and blockchain. It is not a coincidence that it has been ranked number 1 by the Irish firm Coincub in their cryptocurrency ranking guide for 2021 Q4. That together with the international environment and the strong ruerulel of law, makes the city the perfect choice as a gateway to the wider Asian market.

Blockchain a revolution in the making

Horizon Singapore will work on bespoke solutions that apply blockchain technology to solve the needs of both public and private stakeholders. The main benefit of blockchain technology is the decentralised nature of the ledger as well as the immutability of the chain, which ultimately gives the chain its safety. The technology has been applied to the most varied industries, from supply chain to social media, art or video games. But not only private companies benefit from this technology, public organisations can also benefit from these immutable ledgers to create trustworthy census like the joint project of the Cardano blockchain with the Ethiopian government to give an ID and study certificates to the country’s student body. This is just a tiny example, any database that would benefit from the immutability of the chain such a real estate, or vehicle registration certificates, would greatly benefit from this technology and prevent falsifications.

Oasis Horizon FZ LLC keeps growing and expanding operations

The Oasis Horizon group hasn’t stopped growing since its inception in 2019 in Dubai. The group focuses on Blockchain technology and it is growing together with this new industry. The new offices will allow them to better serve the customers by being closer to them, to better tailor to their needs and ultimately produce best fit and cost efficient solutions. The expansion to Singapore is a first step in the internationalization project of the group with more to come in the coming months.

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