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Group of friends aiming to make the world a better place through new nonprofit Just Societies

Just Societies is looking forward to creating an equitable society where every boy can enjoy a basic quality of life and living.

San Francisco, CA – January 12, 2022 – Quality of life has declined over the past decade in the USA. Add to it the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been tormenting the world since the last couple of years. People are in dire need of helping hands and generous support to elevate their quality of life. In that light, a group of friends has founded a nonprofit organization, Just Societies, that aims to make the world a better place to live in through dedicated community support.

Just Societies was launched on January 1, 2022, and it’s website went live on January 11, 2022. Though the organization is based in San Francisco, it has members throughout the USA. Just Societies aspires to expand the organization over time to provide assistance to not only the other parts of US but also to the rest of the world in near future. 

“We are driven by the mission to  create a more equitable society by empowering our communities with the necessary support needed to function seamlessly. We reach out to people in need of help and support them with the essentials needed to elevate their quality of life. We work to create a safe environment where a diverse group of people can share their ideas for solving unique problems that can benefit the community overall”, stated Jerrald Callanta, the president and founder of Just Societies. 

Just Societies works with various community organizations and supports them with volunteer work for various tasks for the local facilities. Jerrald and his team also extend online assistance to the community organizations through outreach and advocacy.  

“We collaborate with community members, groups, and institutions to make a positive impact in community welfare.” 

Just Societies focuses on all kinds of social issues that need quality discussion, voice, and proactive support from the community. From LGBTQ rights to elimination of discrimination of the Black community to gender oppression, the nonprofit organization is committed to provide support and assistance for all.  

Speaking on, Jerrald stressed that as a young group, they are presently focused on becoming a reliable and strong resource for the community. Just Societies is looking forward to assisting groups engaged in community welfare through volunteer work. The nonprofit also provides resources to welfare organizations that are working to help people meet their basic needs of housing, food, and shelter.

“Our ultimate goal is to assist people and our communities as a whole to create ‘just’ living conditions, especially for the marginalized groups. We  all are passing through a hard time lately but there are some who are in worse conditions than us. At Just Societies, we aim to improve their lives and create a quality living condition for them so that together we can make the world a better place to live in.” 

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