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Global Humanitarian & Life Coach Dr. Clinton Bullock Releases New Book, “VICTORHOOD,” in 2022

Dr. Clinton Bullock is an inspirational, global humanitarian and a successful entrepreneur. He is dedicated to the betterment of society and has devoted much time investing in that process, so people can fulfill their greatest potential.

Growing up in a domestically violent environment that was emotionally, psychologically, and physically dangerous, the latter propelled Dr. Bullock to become the success story that he is today. His unfortunate upbringing, coupled with intense discrimination that he encountered throughout his life, gave Dr. Bullock a passion to help people overcome their greatest adversities and become the victor that they were always meant to be. His compelling backstory served as the drive behind the creation of his highly anticipated new book, “VICTORHOOD: The Greatest Stories Ever Told in Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, & Victimhood.” The book chronicles his life events and gives light to the ways in which Dr. Bullock overcame the intense anxiety and depression of his past traumas to become an inspirational and successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Bullock possesses an impressive academic background, including a professorship with the US Department of Defense and a doctorate from the University of Southern California. He was also named Fulbright Specialist by the US Department of State in 2019. These qualifications have equipped him well to write his new book and bring the topic of overcoming anxiety, depression, and victimhood to the forefront of his reader’s minds.

“VICTORHOOD,” a term coined by Dr. Bullock, was written to aid individuals in overcoming anxiety, depression, and victimhood associated with the trials and tribulations of one’s life. He aims to let people know that victorhood is possible and that anyone can overcome any hardship in their life if they truly seek being victors in their lives rather than victims.

Dr. Bullock’s linguistic training (he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese), along with a wide range of experience in intercultural communication, have allowed him to relate to people from many backgrounds across the globe. Because of this, he was able to include a barrage of diverse stories of people from all types of situations in his upcoming book. Dr. Bullock believes that there is a story in “VICTORHOOD” for everyone that will help them get through life’s obstacles and truly thrive. He encourages anyone who has had longstanding problems with anxiety, depression, and/or victimhood to read his book.

Through his teachings, years-long service to the people, and as a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Bullock was able to reach a global audience, which attracted a larger media presence in 2021. The latter has aided him in touching a wide and diverse range of readers who will benefit from his new book’s advice and inspirational stories of triumph.

Dr. Bullock has dedicated his life’s work to helping people realize their fullest potential. In addition to his personal life coaching and training in the discipline of Organizational Change and the Psychology of Leadership, he has assisted in strengthening a number of successful and established businesses and organizations that have positively affected thousands of lives. Despite these accomplishments, Dr. Bullock considers “VICTORHOOD” to be one of his most important achievements yet. The profoundly inspirational stories in his book are sure to inspire millions around the world.

Dr. Bullock’s new book is set for release in 2022. If you would like more information about Dr. Clinton Bullock or his new book, “VICTORHOOD,” please visit his website at

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