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Get the Best Mental Health Care for Children with Dr. Dale Mortimer

Consult with the best child and adolescent psychiatrist in Vancouver, Washington.

Mental health has been continuously gaining traction across the world. While it is more common in adults, children and adolescents also have battles of their own. Their emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical health. Having a good mental health state helps people become resilient and provides them with the ability to cope with whatever life throws at them. Serving the area of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon, Dr. Dale Mortimer offers his expertise in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.

It’s easy to think that children have it easy since their everyday lives mostly consist of school, play, and rest. The aspect of their physical and mental health do not always come into the picture, but it is crucial to support their overall wellbeing – and this includes paying attention to what they feel.

Now more than ever, kids are growing up in a digital world where social media is generally accessible and can consequently contribute to their feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. Not to mention children and adolescents are considered as a vulnerable group for the onset of mental disorders. This is because their emotions get even more complex as they grow up – making it necessary to take the time to check on the mental wellbeing of a child or adolescent.

According to Dr. Mortimer himself, “Children don’t always grow out of it.” Hence, seeking professional assistance is important in order to provide children and adolescents the right kind of support to help them overcome their difficulties, gain confidence, and have a positive self-esteem. What seems simple to adults can actually mean deeper or is more challenging for many children and young people today. And Dr. Mortimer has already mastered the science behind this through his vast knowledge and extensive experience on child and adolescent psychiatry.

For psychiatric needs in Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon, Dr. Mortimer is the right person to call. He is a unique combination of a therapist, counselor, psychotherapist, and primary care physician. Having had a greater number of formal training than other doctors in the area, new and repeat patients are sure to save time, money, and worry. In just a span of twelve office visits, Dr. Mortimer provides satisfactory treatment with positive outcomes.

Children, adolescents, and even adults are in good hands with Dr. Mortimer. For more information about Dr. Mortimer and his services, as well as how to schedule a consultation, visit

About Dale Mortimer, M.D.

Dale Mortimer, M.D. is a physician specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, and in general adult psychiatry. He is based in Vancouver, Washington.

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