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Fullerton Tree Experts Receives 5-Star Review from a Happy Long-Term Client

Fullerton, California – After years of using Fullerton Tree Experts, Dewayne Michie finally decided to narrate her experience with the company on Google Reviews. On her review, Michie noted that she was impressed by the company’s reliability, competence, honesty, and fair price.

After rating Fullerton Tree Experts 5 stars, Dewayne Michie had the following to say about the company’s services, “I recently used Fullerton Tree Experts for my weekly yard work. In particular, I have an extensive rose garden that I needed help with! They are honest, fair, competent, reliable, and hard-working. I recommend Fullerton Tree Experts strongly without reservation!”

To understand the relationship Dewayne Michie has had with Fullerton Tree Experts, a team of reporters visited her home. The homeowner was very welcoming and also very forthcoming on how the company has helped her.

“Fullerton Tree Experts has operated on this landscape for more than 10 years,” said Dewayne. “The first time the company operated on the trees was on an emergency tree service basis. A storm had caused extreme damage to a tree standing just next to the house. The tree had to be removed immediately – waiting would have increased the risk of property damage.”

To learn how Fullerton Tree Experts boost the health and safety of trees, visit the company’s website:

“Even though the family contacted Fullerton Tree Experts at around 9 pm,” said Dewayne, “the company received the call in the first ring. Faith, the customer service expert on the other end of the line, was very cautious and sympathetic with the situation the family was facing. She confirmed that she would send a team in less than an hour.”

When Fullerton Tree Experts kept its word and arrived on Dewayne’s landscape in exactly 25 minutes, that was the beginning of a very long relationship. According to the homeowner, the company has never let her down.

To better understand how Fullerton Tree Experts keeps its customers satisfied, reporters visited the company’s offices.

“When a client hires the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Fullerton,” said the Fullerton Tree Experts CEO, “the team’s goal is to turn that client into a long-term customer. This is exactly what the company did with Dewayne Michie. By working hard and delivering maximum benefits for her, the homeowner kept coming back for more services. The company’s team is happy to see the homeowner has even decided to go a step further and recommend the company’s services to other homeowners.”

When reporters dug deeper to better understand Fullerton Tree Experts, they realized the company was founded to improve tree health in Fullerton and focuses on tree pruning, tree trimming, and saving trees from pests and diseases. The company’s Fullerton tree pruning team improves safety and health on tree crowns while the Fullerton tree trimming team ensures trees are looking attractive throughout the year.

“Even though most of the company’s tree care procedures in Fullerton are focused on boosting the health and value of trees,” said the company’s CEO, “the company sometimes puts the Fullerton tree removal team to work. This generally happens when saving a tree is impossible. Tree removal also plays a key role in keeping risky trees from falling on landscapes and causing damage.”

“While most of the company’s long-term clients – like Dewayne Michie – are in Fullerton,“ added the CEO, “the company does help property owners outside this city’s boundaries. For the past 2.5 decades, the company has been handling tree care procedures in neighborhoods like West Coyote Hills, Sunny Hills, Amerige Heights, Artisan Walk, and Santa Fe District.“

Fullerton Tree Experts offices are located at 227 W Whiting Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832, United States. Tree owners, however, can contact the company via +1 949-755-0774 and [email protected]

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Company Name: Fullerton Tree Experts
Contact Person: Juan Warren
Email: Send Email
Phone: 949-755-0774
Address:227 W Whiting Ave
City: Fullerton 92832
State: CA
Country: United States

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