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For the Community by the Community: BNBMeta is the First Ever Community Driven Crypto Platform.

BNBMeta is a next-generation crypto platform that uses Binance Smart Chain for monetizing land/assets and metaverse experiences. $BNBMETA Presale is scheduled for January 22, 2022.

Hong Kong – It is the first of its kind, BNBMeta is an innovative and ambitious project with a long list of cutting-edge features. On the Binance Smart Chain, BNBMETA is a community-driven platform where anybody may monetise Assets and metaverse experiences.

A new-age crypto platform is poised to usher in a new era in the cryptocurrency world. On Binance Smart Chain, the BNBMeta portal is releasing the FIRST-ever community-driven platform for monetizing land/assets and metaverse experience. This month, BNBMeta will have its Whitelisted IDO Presale or PinkSale.

$BNBMETA is the native token of BNBMeta. The token will be launched on Pancakeswap.

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from BNBMeta shared that the upcoming presale is scheduled for January 22, 2022, 13:00 (UTC).

The Hard Cap is 600 BNB

Contribution: 0.3 – 2 BNB

Auto-buyback is a built-in smart contract feature that is designed to automatically buy back various amounts of $BNBMETA if someone sells their tokens. The procedure will help to stabilise token prices, which will benefit investors more than manual buybacks in the long run. PinkSale has locked the token’s initial liquidity pool for a period of 12 months. Just before the presale, the platform’s contract will be independently audited by a top smart contract auditing firm. A KYC Certificate is also available on the platform. Furthermore, BNBMeta has stated that it will not participate in any private sales.

The sell tax on $BNBMETA is higher than the buy tax, according to the spokeswoman. As a result, users will receive feedback on every transaction, which will be especially useful during periods of high volume and volatility. The “Diamond Hand” strategy is aided by this technique, which allows the platform to attract long-term investors. Binance CEO CZ and his team will receive 10% of the $BNBMETA tokens. The reserved tokens will be used to reward the Binance team for their participation as project adviser in the BNBMeta project. If no partnership is formed, the locked tokens will be burnt.

The $BNBMETA token is a utility token that can be used to purchase goods and services. It can be used to buy and sell metaverse lands, metaverse NFT products, characters, and other items on the BNBMeta metaverse crypto. The token can also be utilised in a variety of DeFi applications, such as loans and staking. In the coming months, the BNBMeta development team is working on further use cases to boost $BNBMETA’s intrinsic value.

Around 5% of the BNBMeta platform’s token has been set aside for digital marketing activities. Furthermore, 4% of every $BNBMETA transaction is used for direct marketing purposes.

The developers shared: “We are excited to share with you all that we are soon to have the first round of our presale or pink sale at the end of this month. We are currently offering 50 limited whitelist spots only – so please hurry up to register for the sale and also inform your friends”, stated the spokesperson from BNBMeta. “We’re putting a lot of money into marketing and promotion to raise brand awareness and attract new investors.”

For more information, please visit or telegram channel

About BNBMeta

BNBMETA is a community-driven platform where everyone can monetize ASSETS and metaverse experiences on the Binance Smart Chain. They partnered with PinkSale for their $BNBMETA presale scheduled for January 22, 2022. 

Media Contact
Company Name: BNBMeta
Contact Person: Cody Lai
Email: Send Email
Country: HongKong

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