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For Summer: Human Hair Curly Wigs

Human hair curly wigs are composed of wig net caps and human hair bundles. Different wig makers have different wig sewing threads and techniques


The summer of 2022 is coming, have you decided what kind of new wig to buy this summer? If you didn’t miss out on tax season discounts, don’t worry. Summer discounts are just around the corner, and you can totally look forward to it. In addition, if you don’t have a favorite wig for the time being, then I suggest you learn more about human hair curly wigs. As a representative of enthusiastic wigs, curly wigs are very suitable for hot summer.

Why you should have a human hair curly wig?

Human hair curly wigs are easy to style

Human hair curly wigs are composed of wig net caps and human hair bundles. Different wig makers have different wig sewing threads and techniques. But at the end of the day, wig makers need to disassemble human hair bundles and sew them one by one onto the wig cap. Because the raw material of human hair curly wigs is human hair, human hair curly wigs are very easy to restyle just like your natural hair. At the beginning of the design of Luvmehair’s human hair curly wigs, considering that some consumers do not have professional hair styling skills, the curl of Luvmehair’s curly wigs is very good. If you buy Luvmehair’s curly wigs, you can wear them out the door with little or no extra treatment with a curling iron.

Human hair curly wigs could last for 6 month to 1 years

Luvmehair’s human hair curly wigs use 100% virgin human hair, so with proper care, it will last for over 6 months. The longevity of the product is unmatched by synthetic wigs and wigs mixed with animal hair.

Curly style never out of fashion

No matter when, curly style will never be outdated. Although the specific presentation form of curly wigs may change in different eras, curly style has always been at the forefront of fashion.

What is more, the Luvmehair’s curly wigs are made by very high-quality raw materials. You can definitely make an appointment with a stylist to help you dye this wig. Whether it’s a warm red or an elegant brown, you can have it.

How to maintain curly wigs?

Use wide-tooth comb

Note that the average comb has very dense teeth. Such dense teeth may destroy the original shape of the curly wigs and make the curly wigs messy. Therefore, you’d better use a wide-tooth comb to comb your curly wigs.

Conditioner would fix curly hair

When washing your wigs, you can try using conditioner to care for your curly wigs. After basic wig cleaning, apply conditioner and let it sit for 10 minutes, you can get silky and shiny curly hair wigs.

Use Elastin to make curls bouncy again

Curly hair wigs may become less curly after a period of use. If you want to make it frizzy again, you can use elastin to fix it. It is important to note that do not wash the wig immediately after applying the elastin. You can wait a while before washing off the excess elastin and use a small amount of hair oil to form a protective film.

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